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Thanks for considering a donation to Defend Europa! At Defend Europa, we are constantly looking for ways to grow. The support we have received during our first few months has been incredible, but in order to make a real difference in the world, we need to grow our reach and spread our message even further.

In a world of fake news, we have so far made a real impact online by circulating uncensored information not only across Europe, but across the entire world. We have now made the decision that, as well as continuing our online activism, it is the time for us to spread our message through real world activism too. For this, we need your support!


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Prefer anonymity? That’s perfectly fine. You can still donate to us using Bitcoin, our addresses are:


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Please try sending to the first address (beginning with ‘bc1q’ first), if your wallet does not support that address format, you can use the second address.

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