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Wakanda Chronicles : Why you should never associate with the xenoi

The main reason why someone should never associate with the xenoi, even before the fact they may rape your family or kill you, is that they are extremely dumb. They are so intensely dumb that even with the best intentions they may harm you just by their stupidity.

The latest example comes of course from the USA. (SOURCE 1 ; SOURCE 2)

Having run out of her standard hair product weeks ago at her home in Louisiana, Tessa Brown decided to casually use Gorilla Glue, a known superglue, instead.  She did this despite warning labels that cautioned the product was only intended for use with wood, laminate, paper, or fabric. She reported that after application, her hair did not move for a month. The resulting mess prompted her to make a trip to the ER, where doctors and nurses applied acetone to her scalp. But instead of helping, the treatment exacerbated the problem, first burning her scalp, then causing the glue to re-stiffen worse than before.

In a recent video (here) Tessica Brown explained she had to go to the hospital to remove the glue from her hair. She explained also that she used to comb her hair with gel. But having emptied her last tube, she used Gorilla Glue spray to hold her hair in place. “My hair has been frozen for a month now,” she said in an Instagram video, which went viral very quickly. “Look, my hair doesn’t move anymore! I’ve washed it fifteen times and it still won’t move.” The young American tried, as in this video, several tricks given by Internet users. But none of them worked….

Of course, Brown is suing the company. Brown’s argument is that while the product’s warning label cautions against using in eyes, on skin, or on clothing, it does not mention hair. It is unclear what type of compensation Brown is seeking.

Short story : this dumb wakandan princess has costed her insurance, taxpayer money (as she is probably under Medicaid) and the company she will sue, hundred of thousands of dollars. Was she ill intentioned ? Of course not. Did Tessa wanted to scam the Glue Company? It’s not probable.  She just thought that all glue works the same.

The problem with this mindset is of course not the idea itself, but the effect it has on a society as a whole. The xenoi have other cultures : logically, they can have different living standards. In Africa, things like Tessa Brown story happen all the time.

A very good example is the intake of kaolin among some Western African women (HERE). Yes, you read it well, African women eat clay, and not any clay, highly toxic and heavy-metal dense clay. This has been recorded among most of the West-African diaspora (HERE), even in the US (without being specifically kaolin , HERE) . Though some anthropologist explained the consumption through a cultural usage (kaolin has an highly symbolic value among the Bambara, par exemple),  it makes no doubt whatsoever that kaolin consumption, is extremely bad for ones health. Worse, the consumption of kaolin is mainly recorded among West-African women during childbearing : the influx of mercury in the childbearing mother is known to impact the child and lower its IQ.

Africans, however,  unlike Tessa Brown, people there have no way to get out of their problems, and more often than not, die. It’s not that African have no access to technology : Africa is in some field more advanced than some European countries. But those doing dumb shit die : that’s the African way, and we should not judge it, as it’s their culture. However, we can’t accept it here, as accepting it would make us lower our standards to fit theirs, and probably destroy us in the process.

Accepting xenoi, in your circle, is the start of the decadence : you’ll have to live with people who eat toxic clay or use superglue as a hair conditioner. Think twice.

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