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Yes Lads, We’re Winning!

we're winning

“Yes Lads, We’re Winning!”

– Ash Sarkar, a self-professed communist who works as a Senior Editor at the radical left-wing Novara Media organisation, a journalist contributing to The Guardian and as a lecturer in Political Theory at the Sanberg Institute.

While Meghan Markle, the Princess of Black Entitlement, visits an almost entirely all-black school in Dagenham and Ash Sarkar’s smoky face beams ecstatically when telling everyone that the white population of London has decreased by 600,000 and the ethnic minority proportion has increased by 1.2 million, we finally hear that the Operation Bullfinch trials in Oxford have come to a conclusion.

In an echo of the travesties of Rochdale and Rotherham, it transpires that for over a decade, the police and social services, although fully aware of the fact that vulnerable young girls were going missing in and around the city of dreaming spires, had seemingly proved incapable of dealing with what one out-of-area Detective Inspector described as a “highly organised crime group” operating out of premises on the Cowley Road. A network of at least twenty-one enterprising and exploitative groomers, traffickers and sadistic rapists, led by Anjum Dogar and Mohammed Karrar, and composed of Pakistani Muslim men, working with local co-religionist landlords, food-shop owners and pawnbrokers to “pimp-out” hundreds of young white girls for financial gain.

With up to 373 children, including 50 boys, involved in a web of sexual depravity that some believe goes back up to 16 years and which one special investigator claims highlights the “many errors” made by the Thames Valley police force and social services, “both of which failed to see the children being groomed in an organised way by groups of men“, one is bound to ask questions such as how and why.

Could it be that our real-life Inspector Morse and his side-kick Lewis, perambulating around the sun dappled  cobbled alleys of the ancient university city, were simply too busy monitoring race-hate posts on Twitter? Or is it more likely, as in the cases in Rochdale, Rotherham, South Manchester, Telford and the myriad of others that have subsequently come to light, that the multicultural collaborators in the constabulary and the social care system have deliberately turned a blind-eye to such virulent and offensive acts committed by predatory aliens because they are “inconvenient” for the Establishment’s narrative of progress and assimilation?

An assimilation, or rather an invasion by goblin-faced Third World Orcs, that already accounts for one in three children in England being from an ethnic minority background and if the trend is allowed to continue unchecked will mean that ethnic White British children will become a minority in state schools by 2037. Confirmation, as if any were needed, that the claims of Ash Sarkar, are indeed true – They Are Winning – and by any means necessary. The obvious logic being therefore that – We Are Losing – and it is time to slam on the breaks and throw the progress the globalists and their specially selected virtue signalling representatives like Meghan Markle and her crustacean-brained husband, Prince Harry, seek to impose on us into full reverse.








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