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“We need a revolution now,

Something’s gotta change somehow,

We need a revolution now,

Something has to change.”

– Revolution by Voodoo Vegas


In what can only be described as a complete abdication of their right to lead Western Civilisation and their total denial of their own responsibility for the Kali Yuga they have facilitated, the Munich Security Conference, once an adjunct to NATO, but now a mini-Davos for career diplomats, recently took as its theme “Westlessness“.

It seems the organisers wished to convey in such a description the fear they believes permeates the West and leaves us prostrate before the irresistible rise of China. Whilst simultaneously evoking the overwhelming mood of ennui that Heiko Mass, the German Foreign Minister – a man who frequently argues that the endless columns of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers should be distributed equally around Europe – says characterises our self-image and impacts our interventions in the Middle-East. Where he claims the UN offices in Geneva and New York no longer hold sway, as the centre of gravity moves inexorably towards Astana and Sochi, where Putin, Erdogan and delegates from the Iranian majles frequently meet.

Arguments that were apparently countered in discussions by Margrethe Vestager, the EU Vice President, who replied: “Are we here to discuss our own depression and asking the rest of the world to join us in this collective exercise?” The EU Vice President continuing: “European values, the rule of law, the integrity of the individual are values that have spread across the world”. With Norwegian prime Minister Erna Solberg, commenting: “When refugees flee their country of origin their chosen destination is normally Europe.”

Vestager, Solberg and Maas exemplifying the very cause of the problem they are seeking to address. Trapped as they are in the delusional self perpetuating paradigm, that western values can transcend racial boundaries and can continue to exist if people of western origin are no longer the majority or even present in whole swathes of their natural homelands.

Maas’s demonisation of Trump’s decision that America should no longer play the role of the world’s policeman and that other NATO countries should increase their own financial contributions to global security typifying the sort of spoiled-child petulance that has emerged out of the Elysees Palace. Where the mediagenic Macron, a mere mouthpiece for the globalists, invested as he is in his own rhetoric believes “Jews are France” and wants to create a European army but not one necessarily composed of Europeans?

Perhaps he truly believes a corps of Rwandan mercenaries will make a stand against Russian and Chinese insurgents pouring out of amphibious landing craft crossing the Danube and the Rhine? Or possibly he thinks creating such a force would provide gainful employment for the millions of military age men from Africa, South East Asia and the Middle-East both he and his cohort Merkel have allowed to enter our precious living-space?

Either way it is one of the very many tangible outcomes of the very Westlessness that their policies and actions, along with those of their predecessors, have engendered for decades. A cancer of indecision and self-doubt born of a false guilt that has been conjured out of thin-air and fabricated testimonies for generations. Fictions that equate European pride with nightmare landscapes of barbed wire in dark forests and chimney stacks spewing noxious black smoke into cold air. Myths that anesthetise our will to survive even while our parasites thrive.

Yet, even as hope fades and the odds seem stacked against us, I swear I can hear Rohan’s horn sounding over the horizon and the hooves of the Rohirrim’s steeds as they thrash across the Pelennor Fields. There is a new force upon the plain, more resolute and less daunted by the catechisms of the multicultural religion. Young men and young women unafraid to declare their faith in themselves and their people. For them, the Westlessness that the listless politicians and their pet apparatchiks talk about offers a golden opportunity to build afresh upon the ancient ground we rightfully call our own.

And if our current cadre of leaders and bureaucrats wish to desert the battle-field then there is a whole new crop only too willing to replace them. Identitarians and National Revolutionaries with wind in their sails and Aragon’s speech before the Black Gate etched upon their hearts:

“A day will come when the courage of men will fail,

When we forsake our friends,

And break all bonds of friendship,

But it is not this day.

An hour of wolves and shattered shields,

When the age of men comes crashing down,

But it is not this day!

This day we fight!

By all you hold dear on this good earth,

I bid you stand, Men of the West!”




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