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Opinion » The decapitation of Samue Paty and the Muslim joke

The decapitation of Samue Paty and the Muslim joke

The image of the head of Samuel Paty, which has widely circulated on the internet, has been censored here to comply with European Regulation on diffusion of islamic terrorist materials. 

“Grand” news after 50 years of Afro-Muslim mass immigration, the government announced the dissolution of two Islamic associations close to the Muslim Brotherhood: the Collectif Contre l’Islamophobie  en France (a de facto branch of the Muslim Brotherhood without any ethnic strong identity) and Baraka City (a broad coalition of Salafi mainly composed on Algerian and Tunisian Islamists). The reason is quite obvious : Macron needs an expiatory victim to give change in the face of opinion and pretend to act.

In reality, these two organisations, even Islamist ones, were content to put pressure on opponants on the model of  other more  “traditional” organisations such as the Licra (Jewish league), or La Ligue des droits de l’Homme (communist/extremist left). That is to say, by legally suing to economic destruction this or that dissident that would not agree with their program. These people did not organise the execution of the left-wing teacher Samuel Paty, nor did they call for him to be killed or injured. They wanted his dismissal.

What happened to them is exactly what happened to the Oeuvre Française after the death of Clément Méric. The OF had no connection, near or far, with the death of this antifa, but Valls, then state minister, wanted to exploit the situation to attack a political organisation hated by the ennemis of the French people.

The now state minister Gérard Moussa Darmanin (yeah, that’s his true name, he his half Algerian) has declared on Twitter ( )  :

I am going to propose the dissolution of the CCIF and BarakaCity, associations that are enemies of the Republic.
We must stop being naïve and face the truth: there is no possible accommodation with radical Islamism. Any compromise is a compromise.

Dissolution has not yet been pronounced, but the law no longer exists to this regard. Facts no longer have any importance in court. The state terrorists work as they want.

This anecdotal dissolution of the CCIF and Baraka City, if it takes place, will change absolutely nothing on the ground. In this sense, I am happy that this dissolution is announced : the new RN governed by Marine le Pen and her homosexual clique, which are rallied to the ennemies of the French People, will no longer be able to use these micro-structures to explain to us that all our problems come from a few thousand Islamists.

There will soon be 3,000 mosques in France. Every week, a new mosque is built with the full support of the French State. It’s not secret, everyone can see it. There are lots of videos showing these building sites. Muslims are very proud of them.

Apart from the fact that the government will not close any of them, even if it did, it would not change the ethnic and racial situation in France today. There would still be 10 million Muslims in France, and in 30 years’ time there will be 20 million. They would simply stop gathering in those buildings and that’s it.

But then again, that won’t happen. And even if it would happen, it would be useless. Closing one or two mosques in Roubaix wouldn’t change anything. The town would still be totally arab ethnically. I would add that it wouldn’t change anything either to the presence of growing clouds of black migrants praying to Jesus.

It is not a Muslim who tried to rape Victorine before killing her. He is a mulatto from the West Indies with a very French first name.The reality is simple to understand: ten million Muslims live in France and these people vote. From then on, in this democracy, nothing will happen.

This civic nationalist right-wing makes us lose a lot of time with its exercises of Koranic exegesis, its republican arab girls, its hysterical crises about marginal Islamist associations and its “patriotic immigration”. Yes, this is the new concept of the right in France: patriotic immigration. Ridicule, as ever.


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