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Sanctions on Russia, an European mistake


31 January 2021, this is the date of expiration of the EU sanctions on Russia.  Until this date, we can be assured that the EU leadership will systematically restrict and sabotage the Russian economy. The sanctions have been put in place by the EU to punish Russia following the Russian liberation of Ukraine. Many Europeans think this is a good thing, we are clearly punishing Russia and making a stand! However, our strategy is flawed and our own people are the true victims. 

Economical Disaster
30 Billion Euro of costs in 2017, thousands of jobs and large other sanction induced losses. All things not happening to the ‘evil’ rulers of Russia, but to the people of the EU. The sanctions against Russia have not secured ‘freedom’ for Ukraine, it has not brought Russia to its knees, nor has it destroyed its economy. The EU leadership during a global virus and a economical crisis tries to enforce an act of liberal sadomasochism. We are not reaching any results with these sanctions except slowly bankrupting ourselves, all at a time when Europe isn’t booming anyhow.

Sanctions visualized ;
Sanctions visualized ;

The Geopolitical Disaster
While the EU leadership, supported by the US, touts these sanctions as an act of strength against Russia. The evident weakness of NATO and the West was shown to the world when unidentified troops entered areas of Ukraine. Nobody did anything, the idea that a country could just reclaim land in 21th century Europe was unheard of. Russia has done this with minimal consequences. If something, the sanctions must have emboldened Russia even more, it shows it can act with impunity. This all while our people are paying the financial price, but not reaping any rewards.

Winning so much we are getting tired of it!
Winning so much we are getting tired of it!

Shackled to a Corpse
The European nations since WWII, or the end of the Cold War have been aligned with the United States. They are the global hegemon, we are their faithful allies. While the US is a world power in decline, an ally that exchanges cultural garbage with us and a highly imperialist country. We keep pledging fealty to this Corpse. Keeping Russia at bay at our own costs, while paying for American dreams of grandeur and vanity. The EU leadership should stop the sanctions on Russia, gain military and economic treaties with Russia. The US is the sick-man of the world, no need to infect ourselves any longer.

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