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Reparations Now


“Every communist must grasp the truth. Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party”

  • Mao Zedong (1927)

With over 75,000 deaths from the deadly Coronavirus world-wide, the Chief Economist at Moody Analytics, Mark Zandi, stating “there’s nothing in the Great Depression analogous to this”, Prime Ministers being taken into intensive care, and the authorities in New York contemplating mass graves as the death toll tops 10,000 in the United States, is it not time we asked some fundamental questions about how all this has come about?

Why, for example, have the Chinese government done a complete vault-face on Dr Li Wenliang, who after being forced by the authorities to admit he had lied about the existence of a deadly new virus and subsequently dying after contracting the apparently non-existent condition, he is now being declared a “Martyr” of the Communist Party? Why were workers from the virus infested city of Wuhan allowed to travel for weeks, if not months, to the Shen-Wu textile factory in Prato, close to Milan, transmitting the infection to thousands of innocent Italians? Why were Chinese nationals in Australia conspiring to buy up huge quantities of face-masks and baby formula and dispatching it back to China in the weeks before the official announcement that a pandemic was about to engulf the world? And finally, why is it that members of the British government’s COBRA Committee, briefed by some of the finest intelligence services in the world, are seemingly unwilling to dismiss out of hand assertions that COVID-19 was developed at Wuhan’s Institute of Virology, a mere twelve kilometers from the ‘wet-market’ where the virus allegedly gestated from animal infection to a man-killer of devastating proportions?

A very convenient situation, offering the possibility of ‘plausible-deniability’ for a murderous government, that will of course be lapped up by a liberal western press that carries headlines like the recent one in the New York Times: “Has Anyone Found Trump’s Soul, Anyone?” As if the President, regardless of what you may think of him, was personally responsible for inflicting this global disaster on mankind. Such tepid and ideologically driven faux-morality falling on deaf ears among many of the young and well-educated in China, who have long been highly suspicious of their government, taking to social media to crowd-fund for embattled doctors fighting the effects of the virus and demanding, just like their counterparts in Hong Kong, democracy and free-speech, even as armed troops goose-step through the streets below their balconies.

The state of play being described by associate professor Keyu Jin at the London School of Economics, as “China’s opportunity of the century. They are looking at the long game”. The professor going on to add that China had sought to elevate its position as a super-power during the previous global financial crisis in 2007/8 and through its interest in the European debt market. The pretext on this occasion being the false benevolence of dumping faulty medical kit on countries like the Netherlands which has, like many others,  been forced to send the material back because it failed to meet the most basic standards. Which is not an uncommon phenomena because in truth it reflects the shoddy quality of most of the outsourced manufactured goods we have allowed China to flood the market with to date. A globalist mentality of low-wage costs and built-in obsolescence that has seen China garner 30% of the world’s manufacturing output. A full 10% more than the United States. Facilitating the Chinese to finance massive infrastructure projects like the $176,000,000 Shanghai Synchrotron radiation Laboratory, the $437,000,000 Quinlin Tunnel under the Zhongnan Mountain, the $532,000,000 Hainan power grid, the $900,000,000 Tian-Huangping hydro-electric project, the $1.1 Billion Shanghai World Financial Centre, the $1.7 billion Wuhan-Tianxinghzhou-Yangtze river bridge,the $1.7 billion Nanjing metro, and the $2.2 billion Wuhan railway station where trains run at speeds of 186 miles per hour.

All this while America’s infrastructure is falling into a state of disrepair and Europe’s is buckling under the onrush of mass migration and decade’s long under-investment by privatised companies who have paid far more attention to their share-holder’s dividends than to providing the services they were expected to offer. But now it is time for China to pay for its duplicity and state-sponsored manslaughter of thousands and perhaps tens of thousands around the world. The global community should come together in this particular instance and demand reparations now. Working over time to divest out of China so that this malevolent dragon’s fangs are pulled once and for all.

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