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President Gas

President Gas

President Gas.


You have to have a party,
When you’re in a state like this,
You can really move it all,
You have to vote and change,
You have to get right out of it,
Like out of all this mess,
You’ll say yeah to anything,
If you believe all this but,
Don’t cry, don’t do anything,
No lies, back in the government,
No tears, party time is here again,
President gas is up for president.

–   Psychedelic Furs


In yet another unfathomable Rubik-Cube like twist to one of the most bizarre American presidencies in history, the beleaguered incumbent, with one eye on re-election and the other on the political signals coming from the Knesset in Tel Aviv and their co-religionists closer to home, recently sanctioned a drone attack that killed one the most popular figures in the Shi’ite world, General Qassim Soleimani; head of the elite Iranian Quds forces. A soldier who had fought against the drug cartels and Taliban warlords in Afghanistan, worked with the Americans after 9/11 by capturing and assassinating al-Qaeda operatives, and was a leading figure behind the destruction of ISIS in Syria.

President Trump saying that he had ordered the operation not just to retaliate for alleged past attacks on Americans but to seemingly forestall an active effort “to kill many more”. With Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claiming that Suleimani “got caught” preparing to hit American targets. Pompeo insisting on CNN  that:

“He was actively plotting in the region to take actions, a big action as he described it, that would have put dozens if not hundreds of American lives at risk”.

The whole pantomime resulting in a surge in the price of crude oil and a stock market-slide – just as pro-Iranian protesters were shouting “Death to America!” outside the US Embassy compound in Baghdad in neighboring Iraq – in a seeming re-run of the famous scenes of the American hostage saga in Tehran in 1979.

So why now and who benefits? Is it the ‘distraction tactic’ against the impending impeachment trial as claimed by Democrat Party leaders like Chuck Schumer, a man who describes the boycott movement against Israel for their ethnic cleansing of Palestinians as anti-Semitic and claims to be ordained by god as a guardian of Israel? Could it possibly be a slight of hand by the much vaunted military-industrial complex to boost flagging arms sales? Or maybe, just maybe it’s the act of a compliant supplicant to the will of a small but mightily influential nation who wish to fulfill their plans, held dear by the Netanyahu government, the Likud party and the leading cadres of the Israeli military and intelligence establishment, to fulfill the original Zionist mission of Theodor Herzl to form a “Greater Israel”.

Trump sas, after all, continued to provide extremely generous military aid to Tel Aviv, given unqualified support to Israel’s illegal settlements which are in clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2334, acknowledged Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, signaled that he will not stand in the way of Netanyahu’s pledge to annex large parts of the West Bank, namely the Jordan Valley and the Northern Dead Sea, and given credence to the Jewish claim that Jerusalem is the capital of their rogue state.

Simultaneously, Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ is the fulfillment of the American Neo-Conservative’s ideal of coalescing US Foreign Policy with Israeli interests so that a balkanised Middle-East offers a reduced threat to the so-called Jewish homeland, while proffering the opportunity to further colonise the region, as per the Founding Father of Zionism’s view that “the area of the Jewish State stretches from the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates” and according to Rabbi Fischmann speaking to the United Nations:

“The Promised Land extends from the “River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, including parts of Syria and Lebanon.””

This goes some way to explaining the otherwise confusing reasons behind the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Israeli Defense Force’s surge into Lebanon in 2006, the war on Libya in 2011 and the ongoing wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Not to mention the rumbling political crisis in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For the success of the Greater Israel Project is dependent upon the support of NATO, the internecine hatred of Sunni Muslims towards their Shia counterparts and the willingness of Western governments to expend their resources and sacrifice their soldiers for the greater-good of Israel.

A vision that was set out over a century ago by the World Zionist Organisation that intended to create a Jewish homeland that encompassed most of historic Palestine; South Lebanon as far as Sidon and the Litani River, Syria’s Golan Heights, the Hauran Plain and Deraa and control of the Hijaz Railway towards Amman in Jordan and the Gulf of Aqaba, with some Zionists wanting land adjacent to the Nile in the west and access to the Euphrates in the east, along with some portions of southern Turkey.

This ambitious plan was, according to a Global Research article, published by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya in 2011, the basis for Israeli strategy to ensure its regional superiority. Known as the Yinon Plan, the long term objectives of fanatical Israeli leaders like Begin, Sharon and Eitan was to splinter Iraq into a Kurdish and Arab conglomerate, play off Tehran against Riyadh, partition Iran, Turkey and Pakistan, and destabilise Sudan, Libya and the rest of North Africa. One consequence of which was the triggering of mass migrations of mostly military aged men towards Europe. While another was the intervention by Russia, in support of the Syria’s Assad regime, which defeated ISIS and Al Nusra and supported the gathering military strength of Hezbollah. The former proving very advantageous in depleting the potential number of fighters the Muslim world could readily call upon to oppose Israel’s expansionist policies, and the latter giving evidence as to why the Deep State operatives in the West in conjunction with the global media vilify President Putin, conjure fallacious conspiracy theories like Russian interference in the US and British elections, and attempt to resurrect former Cold War hostilities by utilising supposed threats to Ukraine, funding protest movements against Russia’s allies like Belorussia and inventing stories about impending invasions of the Baltic States like Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Clarifications that contradict the narratives that wash over us 24/7 via the MSM and portray the aggressive and imperialistic racist state of Israel as the “Only Democracy in the Middle-East” and “Poor Little Israel” as being surrounded by a hostile horde of Mohammedans hell-bent on a second Holocaust. Tendentious testimonies that are intended to mask the phosphorous bombing of Palestinian suburbs, the deliberate targeting of hospitals and schools by Israeli missiles and the well-drilled snipers that are trained to shoot the eyes out of the children throwing stones during the INTAFADAS that occasionally flare up in response to Israel’s apartheid wall, imposition of new border check-points or the diversion of water supplies away from Arab villages as part of their deliberate attempts to facilitate ethnic replacement.

Facts that are glossed over when discussing the sudden and inexplicable drone-murder of General Qassem Soleimani and the Iranian Supreme leader, Ali Khamenei’s bellicose response:

“I am telling Americans, especially Trump, we will take a revenge that will change their daylight into a nightmare darkness!”

A backlash of righteous anger that will not be directed at the real perpetrators of this nefarious act but at the innocent citizens of countries like America, Britain, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. People who are already paying an exorbitant price for Trump dancing to the klezmer’s  maniacal tune.

Line up, put your kisses down,
Say yeah, say yes again,
Stand up, there’s a head count,
President gas on everything but roller skates,
It’s sick the price of medicine,
Stand up, we’ll put you on your feet again,
Open up your eyes,
Just to check that your asleep again,
President gas is president gas again,
He comes in from the left sometimes,
He comes in from the right,
It’s so heavily advertised that he wants you and I.


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