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Opinion » Poland and Hungary, The EU’s Shining Cities on a Hill.

Poland and Hungary, The EU’s Shining Cities on a Hill.

Shining City

The European Union isn’t the success story that we were promised. We are forced to deal with overregulation, replacement migration, anti-conservative policies etc. while the EU seems to be working against us. Not all EU countries are faring as badly as the Western European countries. Poland & Hungary are bastions of European renaissance, where governments truly rule on behalf of the people and not just on behalf of the globalist elite. In the Western European press, these countries get attacked relentlessly. As always, there is a different story out there. One that shows why Poland & Hungary are shining cities on a hill.

Poland, Social Conservative Paradise
While no country is perfect, Poland is one of the EU countries that seems to take a firm stance against degeneracy and LGBTQP madness. While in nearly every Western European country, children are being brainwashed to cut off their genitals, Poland does things differently, they have chosen to instate LGBTQP free zones in many places. The EU tried to retaliate by withholding extra funding, the Polish government ensured that all these towns received subsidies from the local government to compensate. The Polish government is taking an outspoken pro-life stance, they will further toughen the already stringent abortion laws and the Polish president even marched together with many Christian in the ‘March for Life’ .

Law and order are also big themes in Poland, while most Western European countries demand that all judges are either pro-crime communists, socialists or radical liberals. Poland will have none of this nonsense. They are truly ensuring that the law is carried out according to the values of the people, not according to the values of a rootless elite. For many evil EU countries, this is unacceptable and they try to pressure Poland to accept the globalist concept of law and disorder. The wicked Dutch globalist government even refuses to extradite criminals to Poland due to this problem. Yet again, the Polish government and people do not budge and keep the course. 

“The 21st century’s greatest battle will be for the family” 
Quote Andrzej Duda, President of Poland

Poland shows us that a strong right-wing movement slowly but steadily books conservative progress against the course the globalist EU sets out. This makes Poland one of the EU’s shining cities on a hill.

Polish President during the "March for Life"
Polish President during the “March for Life”

Hungary; Anti Immigrant & Pro Own People?
The leaders of the European Union say we need to have fewer children, but they also think we need more African and Arab migrants to offset our low birth rates. Who else will pay for our pensions? The Hungarian government has a different approach. They believe in stimulating their own birth rate so they do not need these immigrants. The EU doesn’t like this because this doesn’t help in replacing the native population of Europe. (Google Kalergi plan) Nationalists and Christians everywhere admire this Hungarian approach. They set the golden standard om immigration and population management in the EU for everyone on the right of the political spectrum. 

NGO’s and criminals do not accept this ‘Hungarians first” approach and try to facilitate human smuggling and illegal border entry. The Hungarian government has made this punishable by law in the so-called ‘Stop Soros legislation. Hungary is also building fences across the borders and tries to help other European countries by not letting illegal immigrants and human traffickers pass through their country.

“ We are working on building an old-school Christian democracy, rooted in European traditions, we believe in the importance of the nation, and in Hungary, we do not want to yield ground to any supranational business or political empire.”
Quote Victor Orban, President of hungary;

The Hungarian leader, Victor Orban has also rejected soulless atheism by proclaiming that he wants his country to be a Christian democracy. He also does not want criminal immigrants to run around committing crimes. The EU hates this, not only does the Hungarian government not want to replace its population, they also want it to be a Christian nation!? They put the values and interests of their own people above the rootless globalist elite. This mindset makes Hungary one of the shining cities on a hill in the EU!

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