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Panic on the streets of London,

Panic on the streets of Birmingham,

I wonder to myself,

Could life ever be sane again?

Panic – The Smiths (1986)


With the death toll from Covid-19 spinning like a speedometer on a Formula 1 dashboard, stock-market speculators trying to make a quick buck out of the inevitable economic car crash and the Communist regime in Bejing acting as if it is being magnanimous by supplying much-needed but apparently sub-standard pharmaceutical products to both the United states and Europe, the Liberal-Left globalist machine has been going into absolute over-drive.

In America President Trump was called a “racist” for saying the pandemic was caused by a “Chinese virus”. Then he was criticised for stopping flights from the China to the US and to further exacerbate the rapidly deteriorating situation, the Democrats attempted to block his $2 trillion economic stimulus package, unless of course it included all the usual genuflecting to the equal opportunities and diversity agendas that guarantees unwarranted advantages for ethnic minority businesses and workers. People who overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

Meanwhile in Britain, The Metropolitan Police issued the following statement, presumably to reassure the Chinese population mainly congregated in places like London and Manchester:

“Are you a victim or a witness to a hate crime related to the Covid -19 virus? We do not tolerate hatred or abuse directed at communities because of their race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity. If you experience hate crime, please tell us and we will act.”

A commitment which is hardly reassuring to the still-majority White population when they know response rates to real-crime are at an all-time low and that in multiracial swamps like Greenwich and Lewisham, NHS doctors and nurses have been robbed of their identity tags by muggers of unspecified colour in order to get free food at Burger King and Pizza Hut, The Royal Bradford Infirmary is under constant attack from personages who want to profit by stealing medical supplies, and literally hundreds of Third World migrants are engaging in violent fist fights in shopping queues outside Costco in Chingford in Essex.

Meanwhile, even as the modern-plague, which, much like the Black Death of yore, started in China, is killing literally thousands of innocent Italians and Spaniards, the virtue-signalling Portuguese government has agreed to validate all outstanding asylum claims in order to more rapidly facilitate treatment for unknowable numbers arriving illegally and non-medicated from North and Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia and the Middle-East.

Such largess prompting The Migrants Rights Network and over 50 related “charities” in the UK to demand state support and accommodation for somewhere between 800,000 and 1.5 million illegal immigrants throughout the duration of the pandemic, for ‘ring-fenced’ funds to be made available specifically for this demographic regardless of other more pressing priorities, and insisting that information relating to the names, addresses and personal circumstances of the illegals should not be made available to the Home Office once the emergency is over.

Suggestions that might sound ridiculous were it not for the fact that the British population are being subjected to financial advice from an ethnic Punjabi, acting as Chancellor of the Exchequer, an Indian immigrant, Alok Sharma, as Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Jew, Dominic Raab, as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, the Ugandan-Indian, Priti Patel, as Home Secretary, the Sierra Leone born, James Cleverly, as former Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party and the Kenyan-Mauritian, Suella Braverman, as Attorney General.

Given the Clown World we now live in, it should surprise no one then that in the midst of this exceptional  crisis, Newsbeat reporters going by the good old English names of Manish Pandey and Levi Jouavel, take the opportunity to highlight the extraordinary efforts made by Mehfus Dasu Patel, a pharmacist based in North London, to supply medicines to care homes for the elderly and 19-year-old West Indian Jade Barnett, who apparently holds down two jobs, one in a warehouse and the other in a supermarket, and who is determined not to let shoppers down despite being “scared to death” of contracting the deadly Coronavirus.

So there is no need to fear – we are in safe hands – and just in case you did not know both the Muslim and Jewish communities are apparently exempt from the quarantine rules preventing gatherings at events like funerals. A sign no doubt of things to come – after the initial chaos caused by the reckless behaviour of the bacteria-prone Chinese diaspora has been overcome – and the next wave of migrants arrive in Europe and America to fill dead-man’s shoes.




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