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Monkey Business


In the week that saw Britain finally leave the evil embrace of the EU, Sudesh Amman (a seemingly rehabilitated Jihadi) running amok with a knife in Streatham, Alistair Stewart (a popular TV newscaster) whose quote from Shakespeare was willfully misinterpreted by an anti-White activist of foreign origin  resulting in his sacking, and Prince William abusing his royal status to bemoan the fact that the BAFTA awards are not, in his WOKE opinion, sufficiently diverse – we now hear that a so-called care worker named Frank Iyamu was sexually abusing a woman with cerebral palsy in Manchester, yet another gang of Muslim sex offenders have been identified in the north of England and a gentleman by the name of Yusef Ali, pushed a young lady who rejected his sexual advances off a fourth floor balcony.

The charmless Mr Ali, like so many who share his religion and cultural background, seemingly decided to forgo the the usual ritual practices of flowers, chocolates, friendly small talk and the offer for a walk in the park and instead lurched straight for his victim’s breasts and when resolutely rebuffed pulled the woman’s  hair and shouted “That is what I do in bed!”

An all too familiar event in modern multicultural Britain where official figures indicate that up to 19,000 vulnerable white females are being subjected to vicious sexual exploitation by the same demographic as London Mayor Sadiq Khan; all the while a Professor specialising in Black Studies at Birmingham City University, Kehinde Andrews, feels he can appear on the Good Morning Britain TV programme to support mixed-race Labour Leader hopeful Lisa Nandy’s campaign to remove the word “Empire” from the Queen’s honours and say things like: “The British Empire did more harm than the Nazis” and “Whiteness is a psychosis”. The less than eminent intellectual continuing: “The British Empire lasted far longer than the Third Reich and in many ways paved the way for the Nazis genocidal ideology”.

A viewpoint no doubt endorsed but in much subtler ways by the Barbados born Sonita Alleyne, the first black head of an Oxbridge college, an affirmative action administrator par excellence, who says of her time at University: “It was one of those places you would nod to people you didn’t know who were black”. A statement that implies that those poor black undergraduates she saw everyday in the coffee shops and refectories were undergoing some kind of racist treatment at the behest of an all white patriarchy of misogynist scholars. A generation of downtrodden minorities, epitomized by Jason Osamede Okundaye, President of Cambridge University’s Black and Ethnic Minority Society, who tweeted “All White People are Racist!” and went on to ally with Third Wave feminists, LGBT fanatics and New Left activists to spawn the grievance culture that now permeates all levels of academia as well as Western Society in general.

A “Fake News” and “Fake Fiction” culture that leads the obsessional Antifa-types to complain that the BBC of all organisations is biased and insensitive when it mistakenly showed a picture of the cross-eyed black MP for Battersea, Marsha de Cordova, instead of Dawn Butler, a black female Labour MP for Brent Central and then the Evening Standard newspaper compounded the error by using the image of the black female MP,  Belle Ribeiro Addy, who represents Streatham. Butler stating it was “Not OK” to make such a mistake and other left-leaning sympathisers, rather than putting the issue down to the low standard of current journalism, ascribed the situation to an out of touch, non-diverse right wing run media corporation.

An opinion that quite frankly is so absurd that a rational person can only treat it’s devotees with the utter contempt they deserve. A very similar reaction one gets when one is faced with the ridiculous claims made during Black History Month or when one reads bilious texts like The Librarian of Auschwitz, yet another much exaggerated and over-dramatised fiction, which follows in the deceitful and mendacious tradition of  Herman Rosenblat’s  “Angel at the Fence” and Misha Defonseca’s “Misha: Memoir of the Holocaust Years” and tells of how has a young girl she only survived Nazi persecution by living with wolves in the far flung forests of the East.

Nonsense that percolates into one’s subconscious in the never-ending communication buzz of Clown World. With a 24/7 news media that quotes the dizzily anti-white and anti-British former Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, saying inane and inaccurate things like “Meghan Markle was subjected to terrible racist abuse” and emphasising the race and hyping the tennis talents of young black protege Cori Gauff  while downplaying the abilities of Russian-born Sofia Kenin who thrashed her in the Australian Open.

Examples of Monkey Business that have deadly consequences on the streets of London where the black knife crime epidemic is of Coronavirus proportions; the back alleys of Bradford where the Patels are even now buying alcohol and giving out cheap jewelry to schoolgirls; and in Mosques up and down the land where violent extremists are being infused with a hatred for their host community, even as they receive social security cheques from our Welfare State, free health care from our National health Service and free education in our schools.




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