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Love Actually?


As if suffering yet another re-run of the cheesy Christmas movie, Love Actually, starring arch-remoaner Hugh Grant and its incessant peddling of miscegenation was not enough, The Sunday Times invited Trevor Phillips, the former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, to comment upon what he hoped to see happen in the 2020’s.

The grey bearded co-author of Windrush: The Irresistible Rise of Multi-racial Britain (1998), setting out his wish list, under the heading Stop Shouting, Start Listening, Be Generous, with statements like:

“I think that once the mechanics of Brexit are out of the way, there will be a dialing down of hostile identity arguments and a return to a traditional British muddling along. I’m not particularly optimistic about the US when it comes to racial integration, because I don’t think it cares much itself. It’s a country founded on a frontier myth. My expectations of Britain, however, are high. This is the only country in the world where a sizeable mixed-race population has come about as a consequence of love rather than coercion and slavery.”


Love Actually


Phillips, a descendant of immigrants from British Guiana, who left his wife of 28 years, the Parsi-speaking child psychotherapist Asha Bhownagary, for white TV producer, Helen Veale, 16 years his junior, continued:

“Our country is a huge, wonderful experiment. What I hope for the next 10 years is that we’ll be able to show the world that this sort of mixing doesn’t have to reduce the country to a featureless, characterless, brown-vanilla blob. Actually, the kind of integration that we’re pioneering, which is volunteered and born of love, is something special that can be taken on by the rest of the world.”

Can you hear the opening strains of the famous Coca-Cola advert, you know the one; it was re-worked by The New Seekers in 1971, to become a world-wide hit:

I’d like to build the world a home,
And furnish it with love,
Grow apple trees and honey bees,
And snow white turtle doves.

I’d like to teach the world to sing,
In perfect harmony,
I’d like to hold it in my arms,
And keep it company.

I’d like to see the world for once,
All standing hand in hand,
And hear them echo through the hills,
For peace throughout the land.


That’s the song I hear.

Well, that is not what I hear. What I hear is a cacophonic caterwauling in thousands of languages.  A discordant crescendo of terror as predatory black males terrorise whole communities from Glasgow in the North to Margate in the South and from Limerick in the West to Peterborough in the East.

And let us just take a moment to unpack Phillips’s assertions. First and foremost, his thesis regarding the benefits of multi-racial Britain as set out in his book. Do you recall ever being asked about whether or not you wanted a multiracial country? If so, please remind me of the referenda, political mandate or party programme that explicitly stated this intention and a public representative that openly stood on such a platform.

Does Phillips’s negative term “hostile identity politics”, linked to Brexit, with the clear implication that Brexit was a cover for those with racist sympathies, be extended to racial agitators like Diane Abbott and David Lammy? I suspect not. Neither will it encompass the Muslim Council of Britain or the Board of Deputies of British Jews. After all, their version of identity can, from Phillips’s point of view, never be toxic or exclusionary.

Then there is small matter of his dismissal of the notion of America being built on the ‘Frontier Myth’. When anyone with a modicum of knowledge of American history knows and understands the significance of the Western expansion from the early colonial period to the Pacific coast, symbolised by Lewis and Clark, and what it represents in the American psyche. A far more plausible ‘myth’ I would suggest than the one Phillips promulgates with his Windrush Generation stories of unskilled and poorly educated Jamaican bus ticket collectors and Trinadadian and Tobagonian bed-pan washers re-building a grey and destitute Britain after the Second World War.

But Phillips’s disingenuous claims do not end there. What of his arguments that Britain’s “sizeable mixed race population as come about as a consequence of “love rather than coercion and slavery”? Phillips seems to overlook the disproportionate numbers of non-whites involved in sex crimes and child-grooming, the cataclysmic proportion of mixed-race divorces and illegitimacy rates – particularly between black-male and white female couples where violence is endemic – and the honor-killings of young Muslim girls who date white men or are simply banished from the extended family circle just for being in some form of relationship with a kuffar.

And perhaps now is the time to raise the issues about slavery and coercion? Phillips’s elliptical referencing of slavery specifically recalling the Atlantic slave trade which was ended by British and American naval interventions nearly 200 years ago. The former Head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission sidestepping the issue of the long tradition of the inter-tribal kidnapping and enslavement by Africans of other Africans prior to the whites arriving in the eighteenth century; the part played by certain African clans in supplying slaves to the European traders; the even longer history of Arabs and Muslims enslaving the inhabitants of the Dark Continent and even extending their activities into the Crimean peninsula and Western Europe; and the fact that such practices, originating from the same supremacist religion, continues even today.

Yet, perhaps it is the misuse and misapplication of the term “coercion” that irritates most. Can Phillips be oblivious to how the mainstream media, in all its multifarious guises, streams multiracial propaganda 24/7 into our subconscious?

The constant adverts portraying mixed race couples, the perpetually positive images of non-whites participating in the sciences, the commercial and cultural sectors of our economy, Black History Month, the fact that ‘inner-city’ kids, meaning blacks and south East Asians, get overwhelmingly preferential treatment regarding university places, scholarships to private schools and football academies, the endless and nauseating claims of victimhood emanating from vapid characters like Doreen Lawrence, now Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon, the holier-than thou mother of Saint Stephen, the exasperatingly exaggerated hyperbole accompanying the achievement of almost any non-white athlete and the down-playing or passing-over of any contribution by his or her white counter-part.

The truth which Mr. Phillips chooses to ignore is that it is not love but hate that makes a middle-aged gang of Pakistani Muslims pour boiling hot water over the pink freckled skin of an eleven year old English girl and nail her tongue to a table. It is anger and sexual frustration that causes a black male, with a below average IQ, poor self-esteem and an inability to control his basic impulses, to rape a blonde he has just met in a night club. And it is a rigorously imposed form of societal coercion, bordering on an authoritarianism that has not been seen since the fall of the Berlin Wall, that both prevents and indeed punishes people for pointing these truths out. A form of mass moral blackmail and group and individual self-censorship that causes our increasingly deluded youth to turn a blind eye to the racial dimension of the street crime they face every day, the statistical failure and very real dangers associated with inter-racial dating, the decades long and systematic cover-up of Muslim sex trafficking all over Britain, and the fact that Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield was not of Gujarati origin.

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