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Opinion » Ghanaian Labour MP Demands Apology and Reparations For the Empire

Ghanaian Labour MP Demands Apology and Reparations For the Empire


On Thursday of this week, Labour MP, Bell Riberio-Addy, stood in the House of Commons and demanded that the British apologise for the “brutal legacy of the British Empire”, insisting that we must “make meaningful reparations” for the “historic wrongs of slavery and colonialism”.


Riberio-Addy, who is of Ghanaian descent, was born in Streatham, London, after her family emigrated to Britain, although the details of their emigration are currently unknown. This is a pattern which often repeats itself in modern-day Britain; a family move to Britain in search of a better life, next, utilising our institutions, they raise their children in Britain, who in turn grow up to resent the British and our history.

Those who reach positions of authority (such as Guyanese Labour MP David Lammy), will use their position to demand further allowances and opportunities for their own ethnic group, which they identify with considerably more than their British identity. This is also the case for Riberio-Addy, whose hypocrisy can be seen in the video above. She is recognised as British (as British as us, apparently). She even called Britain “my country” in the video above. Yet, she doesn’t identify with Britain’s history and historic figures. The real British, however – the ethnically British – connect with this period through our ancestors and blood.

If Bell Riberio-Addy and David Lammy are as British as us, then shouldn’t they apologise for the Empire too?

Or should we just admit the uncomfortable truth? That mass immigration has brought to Britain hostile, independent groups, who will never be the same as us, and who will always harbour resentment towards us based on their falsified and blinkered narrative of our past?

Allow me to propose a solution. Let’s grant their demand of reparations, but in turn, our demand is that reparations come with repatriation of the immigrant or their descendent to their native country. If these people honestly believe that the British are so terrible, then surely they would rather live in their own country away from us?

We’re often told by immigrants and their descendants that the only reason they live in Britain is because of the Empire. We stole their resources, they say, so that meant generations of Indians and Africans decades later had to come live with us. Well, if the Empire was so bad and you wish you never encountered the British, let’s reverse the whole thing. We’ll say sorry, pay you reparations for your passport, and you can return home.

Of course, the Empire isn’t the real reason these people live here. They live here because their families moved here for a better life; a chance to live in a first world civilisation, and in doing so they’ve already reaped their reparations. Not only this, but their native country still benefits greatly from the Empire’s science, technology, healthcare and education today, and all this is without mentioning the billions of pounds in aid we send abroad every year.

I’ve come to the conclusion that none of this is about colonialism or slavery; it’s about power. If these people really cared about slavery, they’d spend their time campaigning for the 46 million people who are still slaves today, not complaining at the people who abolished it. No other group of people are expected to feel as guilty about, and make up for, the past as us. If British people are expected to pay for some of the actions of their elite hundreds of years ago, then shouldn’t other nations pay for everything bad their ancestors have ever done as well?

All this is happening against the wishes of the native British, of course, who have always been against mass immigration, but who have had their concerns branded as “hate speech”, and who have been feared into silence if they make them known. Not only are the native British expected to stay silent as they slowly but surely become a minority in their own country, but they’re expected to listen to constant moaning from people who they never wanted to live here in the first place, and they’re expected to pay reparations to the descendants of people who they never personally did anything wrong to.

If you want reparations, you must return home. We’re growing tired of ungrateful guests constantly complaining about everything we do and have ever done. Either you are happy about your connections to the British, in which case, stop making ludicrous demands, or you aren’t, in which case you can return home. We live in a society that bends over backwards for these people, but no matter what, they’re never happy.

We have had enough.

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