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Opinion » A Johnson Victory Prevents a Marxist End to the Decade, But Now We Must Take Hold of Our Future

A Johnson Victory Prevents a Marxist End to the Decade, But Now We Must Take Hold of Our Future


A Johnson Victory Prevents a Marxist End to the Decade, But Now We Must Take Hold of Our Future. Article by guest writer: Sean. Find the original article and more content by Sean here.


So, what did it feel like? That feeling when the exit poll rolled in at 10pm to give us a glimpse of the bloodbath that eventually took place through the night?

Compare it to the comic relief of 2015, or the sickening realisation of the cock-up of 2017, and our recent general election felt like triumph after dealing with three & a half years of never-ending crap from a cabal of self-righteous, liberal intelligentsia merchants, the wet egalitarian internationalists & the maniacal cult of Corbyn. A cabal, for varying reasons, unified in their desire for open borders, a continental super-state and the death of white cultures. And now, a cabal which has been delivered a swift, delightful kick below the belt. We know full well they won’t go quietly, but to think of a parliament without the likes of Grieve, Soubry, Gyimah, Swinson, Umunna & Berger amongst others is truly wonderful, as is the knowledge that many of their supporters, whether public figures or private individuals, will spend Christmas licking their wounds.

But what now? We now have a Conservative government with the strongest mandate it has had since the final years of Thatcher’s reign, and while a strong, Johnson-led ministry is far more desirable than the alternatives available, we cannot kid ourselves by believing that we’re now destined for a 2020s full of joy. There is so much to fear from Johnson’s government, and our work has only just begun.

In the meantime, lets reflect on the election and how we move forward…


The Johnson Factor

Some 5 years ago, I was speaking to UKIP activists who, heading into 2015, carried a great deal of enthusiasm. Understandable, given the party’s prominence at the time, but there was always one constant that they believed would swing the momentum firmly back towards the Conservatives; the prospect of Boris Johnson taking power.

Ultimately, as we know, the following 4 years saw Johnson sit on the sidelines effectively, missing his opportunity to take a grip on the Brexit process following the referendum before cutting a frustrated figure in Theresa May’s cabinet for the following two years before his resignation alongside David Davis in the summer of 2018. He bided his time and allowed May to eventually fall a cliff (although the Brexit Party’s birth probably acted as a push), sweeping into take power just as it seemed that the 17.4m strong mandate to leave the European Union was to be defiled.

In the midst of all of the media histrionics, of all of the accusations of Johnson being a multi-faceted womaniser & a serial opportunist, I was constantly reminded of what those UKIP activists had said in late-2014: “Johnson is key. Whatever people think of him, he’s a magnet for voters. He’s this larger-than-life character but he’s incredibly intelligent. He’s from a well-off background but he strikes a chord with regular voters far more than many politicians on either end of the spectrum. If Johnson can oust Cameron at any point, UKIP is finished, because the support will flood to him.”

It may have taken him a number of years, but he proved those activists right; he WAS a magnet for voters, especially in the face of the smear campaign that has been a constant since he announced his candidacy for the Tory leadership in the summer.

And now, he has what he wants: power, and he has it firmly in his grasp. As such, it is safe to say that we can now very much believe that Brexit will be achieved. What kind of Brexit it will be remains to be seen, but we can be certain it will at least vaguely reflect what we voted for in 2016 and not the watered down fallacy the establishment has been working towards for the last 3 years.

But that then leaves the issue of Prime Minister Johnson for the next 5 years. Make no mistake, Johnson is NOT the messiah. He doesn’t believe in stringent border controls, despite his rhetoric; indeed, he has gone on record as being eager to see increased levels of non-European immigration. He will not implement radical economic policies that could drag us away from the long-term mess that Capitalism & Usury have left us in; instead he will give the country a Pakistani Chancellor who, despite his own repeated message of fresh investment, is driven, like most Tories, by big business & big finance.

Johnson will not address the crucial topic of demographic decline; his loose Jewish roots cannot be ignored in any way whatsoever. Johnson is a far better person to have in power than Cameron & May, and is obviously the more preferable option compared to Corbyn, but we will have to watch his actions very closely, and be prepared to hold his feet to the fire as we enter the new decade.



Speaking of demographics, have you noticed how the media has not even dared to tiptoe close to this topic throughout the campaign? Don’t expect that to change in the coming days. Make no mistake, there will have been millions of white voters across England in particular who will have made a statement yesterday at the ballot box. Many will have punted for the Brexit Party, but many more will have opted for the Conservative Party knowing full well that the alternatives would have represented a form of suicide. The problem, of course, is that the Conservative Party is no ally in the battle against the demographic decline of white people in their own homelands. The Tory Party remains the party of business & finance; while it may not actively seek the ethnic replacement of white people across Britain like the opposition does, it most certainly will not be proactive in fighting to prevent it, either. It sees no problem with the Replacement Plan (dare I refer to it as ‘The Kalergi Plan’?), and is very much financially-centric in how it sees the benefits of non-white immigration. While Labour and the rest of the left see ethnic replacement as a key tool in cultural overthrow, the Tories veer more towards the benefits of cheap labour. If the whites, particularly the working-classes, are displaced as a result, then they couldn’t care less.

What is absolutely key about this election is that even in the face of ethnic replacement, the country has still managed to achieve a result which slaps the establishment firmly in the face. A result such as this, that represents two large middle-fingers to the cultural Left, will become a thing of the past if the demographic decline persists. To know that a result like this can still be achieved even now gives hope that the work we must do in the 2020s has a great chance of bringing greater success and wholescale change. The desire for the people of this country to preserve their cultures, their identities and, quite frankly, themselves is incredible and brings hope that all is not lost.


Corbyn’s Marxism

Corbynism. This is the term Andrew Neil used during the night as part of the BBC’s election coverage, like a new branch from the Marxist tree alongside Leninism, Stalinism, Trotskyism & Maoism. Of course, instead of resembling a fresh, green-leaf coated behemoth in a forest, that particular tree represents a thin, naked thing that still stands in the aftermath of a nuclear war, refusing to fall and face death.

As somebody who leans toward a non-Marxian form of Socialism, I’ll acknowledge that there were various features of the Labour manifesto that appealed, particularly the Nationalisation project, however economically flawed it was. But be absolutely sure, there was never any chance that I could lend my vote to that abomination of a party. Its true nature was exposed when the educational plans to butcher white history in the eyes of children were announced. Any white voter who was well aware of the nature of the Labour Party, of its recent history under Blair & Miliband as well as Corbyn, of the Marxist cabinet & its plans, and of the anti-white narrative it pushed, knew full well that this pack of bandits could not be allowed anywhere near power. The fact that Corbyn, McDonnell and Co., genuinely believed that white people could be so stupid enough to trust a party that cherishes the presence of the likes of Diane Abbott, Dawn Butler & David Lammy is staggering. But then again, the Cult of Corbyn are Marxists, and they of course believe in the notion of utilising “useful idiots” to their benefit. Which only makes the huge swings in Labour heartlands so special; many, many people have woken up. And how ironic that they would do so when presented with the opportunity to elect a “True Labour Party, dedicated to honouring its core identity”. The people were presented with a leftist, Marxian Socialist Labour Party and they said “No!”.

No doubt Corbyn will manipulate the election of his successor. I imagine McDonnell will attempt a 3rd leadership run following his failures in 2007 & 2010, while I wouldn’t be surprised to see an all-woman shortlist made up of Long-Bailey, Nandy & Rayner, with the likes of Cooper possibly trying to drag the party back to a more centre-left platform, if not an outright Blairite position. Either way, I think we’ll all enjoy watching them squirm.



Ha! I had to laugh during the night how various political analysts, candidates and commentators alike were repeating the mantra, “The electorate have been disgusted by Antisemitism and it has cost the Labour Party big time!”.

News flash…


Indeed, there are many people across the country who are well aware that many of the things they were voting against yesterday (open borders, multiculturalism, remaining in the EU, social degeneracy, etc.) have been promoted & indeed instigated by Jews over the course of the last half-century+.

The great irony is that Jeremy Corbyn’s favoured ideology of Marxism is a political tool of Judaism based on the notion of “controlling the Goyim, destroying goy culture and rendering them prisoners to finance & individualism, leaving them subservient to Jewish rule”. Corbyn himself may not particularly like the Jews, a stance likely cemented by his favour of Palestinian liberation, but to actually present this election as a Jewish victory in the face of supposed antisemitism is hilarious.

Even more ironic is that the biggest opposition that we as whites will face in the 2020s as we try to counter demographic decline & cultural leftism will come from the Jews, both on the left & the right.

Let them fill their newspaper columns with nonsense, believing the “goyim” have done them a favour. Those same “Goyim” have a habit of ‘knowing’…


The European Union

Dare we believe? May we be on the verge of actually leaving the European Union at last? Say it quietly, but we may just be!

Forget the economy! Forget citizenship! Forget ‘Hard’ or ‘Soft’ Brexit and advertisements on buses!

When it comes to the EU, this election represented one key truth, a key truth that has been aggressively buried by the media for years; the public do not favour a Federalised European Union! So un-European in its nature, the EU has exposed itself as the vile, power hungry beast it is in the last 3 years. The pathetic nature of its supporters has also been exposed.

After all, if the delightful EU was so loving and considerate, then why wouldn’t they fully co-operate with the mandate created in June, 2016? Wait, what do you mean the EU has every right to treat the British people like dirt? Just where do your loyalties lie?!?

We have said ‘No!’ to a Federalist, continental super-state. I retain the hope I had 3 years ago that our fellow Europeans (real Europeans, by the way…) can somehow follow our lead and bring the EU to its knees.


The Future of the UK

But what about the UK as a whole? There will undoubtedly be fresh calls for a Second Scottish Independence referendum, and the whispers of an Irish Unification referendum in Northern Ireland are beginning to get louder. For what its worth, I’m all for both! I am absolutely all for a Unified, Independent Ireland and an Independent Scotland, as well as an Independent Wales, if need be. Frankly, I’d much rather be able to focus on England, and be able to leave Britain in the past. I’m a Nationalist, I favour cultural identity over unions hanging on for financial purpose. What I don’t like however is the common theme in Scotland, Wales & Ireland of “Nationalism in name only”. The leadership in each of those nations is either treacherous (Sturgeon) or fails to truly, culturally represent the particular nation (Varadkar). I believed in the aftermath of the 2016 EU referendum that that particular result would quietly sow the seeds for the eventual dissolution of the British Union. It’s time to move on, and time for true nationalism in England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland to flourish properly! Hopefully the 2020s provides us with that opportunity.


Where Do We Go From Here?

So just where do we go from here?

Johnson may take the Conservatives in the direction we would prefer, but the new Nationalist movements across Britain must take the next steps forward. We must continue to ensure that we can swing the balance of power in our own homelands, whilst fighting back against cultural leftism, the deep-rooted dry Marxism within our institutions and the financial & social decay rotting the Western world. People must be brave in the face of backlash & slander, to be able to stand fearless and to allow petty words & smears to wash over them.

I truly believe, as I recently confided in a certain activist, that the 2020s are a make or break decade for us. We have a lot of work to do, a lot of hope to bring to people and a lot of change to achieve.

Dare I say it, a Patriotic Alternative is required. Big things have small beginnings…

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