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Invasive Species


An invasive species is a species that is not native to a specific location (an introduced species), and that has a tendency to spread to a degree, and is believed to do damage to the environment, human economy, or health.

This is an almost perfect description of what is currently threatening the white western ecosystem. For clinical as it may seem, the mass movement of millions of people from the Third and Fourth Worlds, to the still-as-yet societally-functioning and civilised portions of the globe, euphemistically referred to as “The Great Replacement“, is far more catastrophic than the effects of the cane toad, cotton white-fly and snake-head fish – or indeed, Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed and pygmy-weed, within the broader environmental sphere.

For are we Europeans not part of nature’s rich and diverse tapestry? And aren’t our genes and phenotypes worthy of preservation and celebration?

So when 39 illegal migrants are found dead in the back of a refrigerated truck in a small port in Essex in the south of England and the media gush with sentimental personal stories about their families, continually showing photos of the most innocent and attractive and perpetuate the line that they were only seeking a better life, we need to understand what that ‘better life’ actually means.

It represents knowingly attempting to break the law and depriving others of their birthrights. It represents paying people traffickers large sums of money and being smuggled across multiple borders in order to reach the White Cliffs of Dover. It represents forming queues in our social security offices and our national health hospitals for cash handouts and free medical aid. It represents taking furnished apartments originally intended for locals. It represents filling our infant schools with their offspring and our old people’s homes with their chain-migration grandparents. And, on the rare occasion they do seek work, displacing our own low-skilled and low-paid workers from jobs they desperately need in order to survive.

And that is not the worst of it, it also means a massive increase in crime on the streets. Look at the statistics on knife attacks, rape and muggings spiking in every multi-racial city and town. It means West Indian Yardie drug dealers wielding axes on our inner city trains, Muslims and their converts being over-represented in our prison systems, mosques growing like poison mushrooms on our green hills, ghettos where whites are attacked and Sharia is imposed, 20 or more languages in our schoolrooms and Islamic nail bombs ripping through our children’s flesh.

Added to this are other insidious impacts, like the fact that the growth of the non-white population threatens already fragile democracies, leads to separatist legal, political and social zones, contaminates existing indigenous European national and regional cultures and fast-tracks humanity towards the soulless massification the globalist desire.

With Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, arguing for legal safe-corridors for migrants, so that even more people that look and think like her can crowd into our capital city and the hypocrisy of the Chief Rabbi’s calls for tolerance and an end to anti-Semitism in White-homelands goes unchallenged even while his co-religionists in Israel imprison and deport refugees from the land the Jews stole in 1948 and build an apartheid style wall between themselves and the Palestinians.

And Merkel, Macron, Juncker and Verhofstadt ape the Democrat presidential candidates in America, welcoming one and all, giving away our land to pathogenic creatures that are in effect a bio-hazard introduced into our public-space without our consent. Agents of decay that display the features of fast growth, rapid reproduction, high dispersal capability and through active encouragement of miscegenation can achieve phenotype plasticity through the sexual colonisation of the local species.

Ably assisted by the propagule pressure of charities and aid organisations, rescue ships in the Mediterranean and an army of misinformed volunteers, the predation begins and a zero-sum game for the local species is declared in the compliant press. Feeding the newcomer’s sense of inevitable success and bringing other vectors into play. Parasites gorging on the host until it falls.

For biotic invasion inevitably leads to competitive exclusion, niche displacement and hybridisation. So invasive species need to be dealt with in a determined manner. Otherwise what is the point of the British cheering Spitfires defeating Focke-Wulf fighters in dog-fights over the English Channel and the little boat flotilla setting sail to rescue our beleaguered forces trapped at Dunkirk? And if our neighbours allow their gardens to become infested with the human equivalent of Japanese kudzu vines, they too need to be encouraged to remove the seedlings before they can take root.

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