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Opinion » France is not the state of the French people

France is not the state of the French people

Tribune from a sympathizer of the website. 

Following a thread earlier, I noticed that many people, even those already redpilled, have not yet assimilated a concept: the French state is not the state of the French. They still believe that the French police is their police, that French justice is their justice, etc. This is false:

– THE FRENCH STATE IS A COLONIAL STATE: It has all the characteristics of a colonial state, except that it is rife in the French Republic. A colonial state manages inter-tribal relations and the monetary flows that circulate between the different tribes. Since the French state has organized massive immigration, it has placed itself de facto in this situation.

Indeed, it is the only group in the country with whom the French state shows implacable severity, especially towards political dissidents. Without falling into stupid conspiracism, it is clear, when analyzing its actions, that one of the goals of this state is the medium-term annihilation of the white population on its territory.
Everything is there: implacable police repression (yellow vests), two-speed justice (point developed afterwards), an army promoting further immigration, crushing taxes on the white middle class, whose money is redistributed to the masses of the third world through allowances or “city politics”, feminist and anti-natalist propaganda directed exclusively at white women, etc…

It would not have escaped your attention that when a “youngster”* commits an offence, whether it be for an insult on the public highway, going from sordid murder to rape, the sentences handed down against him by the courts are always ridiculously light.
It will not have escaped your attention either that when it is a white man who ends up in court, for an equivalent offence, the sentences are systematically heavier. Not to mention situations where it is an activist considered as “extreme right-wing” who is involved, in which case “justice” will be implacable and violent, even if the person has done nothing or very little.
The non-white communities are not deceived and regulate justice internally. They never go to court or to the police. It is only the white people who do that, because they believe that the French state is theirs, and is in a way their community body.

Even for the most grotesque, the covid crisis must have woken them up on the subject, the French state, alias the state of Gôlois, is one and the same. Whatever it undertakes, it’s badly fucked up and it’s fucked up.
It is moreover the best hope of the supporters of the national right: although they are enemies of the state and the administration is working hard to crush them, it does not succeed, because everything is badly fucked.
The French state is nothing but a mafia of various cronyism, privileges granted under the rug and plundering the white taxpayer (the only community with a “positive” fiscal balance with the Asians, check US stats). Even if his goal was to protect the French, he couldn’t do it. He is impotent and only takes money from you. It is also our best hope to escape his sinister plans: he will always be 5 steps behind us.

Some people will object to me that the personnel in this state are mostly white, and therefore belong to this community.
Of course, most of these stupid enarchs** are white people, often even from good families. But these people have no roots. This is the principle of the cosmopolitan oligarchy, the real owner of this state. They deeply despise the people they come from, and that’s where the hostility of power towards whites comes from. It makes them feel superior to the “lower people”. These people will never defend the interests of the white people, even under the threat of being slit by the throat. Never forget that.

* “Les jeunes” is a euphemistic term used by French journalists to avoid indicating the ethnical origins of criminals.
** i.e. students of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, a state-run school which gave France half of these presidents (including Macron), which is the core of French communist oligarchy.

Pierre P

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