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Britannia Hospital


Just when you thought it could not get any worse, it does! With a death toll in Britain from the Chinese coronavirus topping 17,000 and infections running into the hundreds of thousands, it now transpires that our desperate government have wasted £20,000,000 buying antibody test kits that do not work from two Chinese companies called AllTest BioTech and Wondfo BioTech. So not only are the originators and spreaders of the virus in denial about their culpability, but they are also willfully exploiting the victims of their malfeasance by selling faulty goods to the highest bidders on the open market.

An unforgivable situation that should never be forgotten or forgiven when an antidote is finally discovered to counter this modern-day equivalent of the Black Death, that some well-informed experts in the intelligence agencies around the world believe is the product of laboratory based experimentation and not contaminated wet-market meats sold to the shoppers in Wuhan.

A human tragedy that has sent millions into panic-stricken lock-down all over the world, caused job losses that are reminiscent of the 1930’s-style Great Depression and filled hospital wards and mortuaries with the sound of persistent coughing and cadavers in body-bags.

And the British response? Hand-clapping for the already over stretched NHS, rather than sufficient supplies of PPE to protect them in the course of their duties; daily testing being conducted at a rate five times slower than in Germany; anecdotal evidence that for weeks after the outbreak was confirmed people arriving at Heathrow airport were not, unlike in Seoul and elsewhere, being tested and denied entry into our country.

A similar situation to Canada, where under intense questioning in the parliament in Ottawa, it was revealed that the lackluster liberals in charge of that once great country, despite being briefed about the dangers of the virus by their intelligence community, still allowed over 20,000 Chinese nationals from the virus epicenter in Hubei province to land and disperse around their nation. No doubt to places like Vancouver where the gang bosses who run the polluting factories that cause the dense smog in Tianjin and Zhengzhou eagerly buy up the best real-estate in order to escape the sulfur dioxide rain fall they cause back home.

Just like in soft-touch Britain, where Chinese crime syndicates conduct massive trade fraud through ports like Dover and Felixstowe, leading the EU to consider fining Britain £2 billion for failing to stop the transit of illegal goods into Europe. Which brings me back to the NHS having to foot the bill for setting up over 33,000 additional bed spaces to cope with the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, ventilator production going into over-drive, field hospitals like the one at the ExCel Centre in East London being set up at lightning speed and over 20,000 former staff being re-called to duty.

A chain of events that remind me of the 1982 film Britannia Hospital. A black comedy by Lindsay Anderson  that satirises contemporary British society. A situation made all the more palpable when Her Majesty the Queen quotes lines from Dame Vera Lynn’s song We’ll Meet Again and real-life expert, Jeremy Farrar, of the world-famous Wellcome Trust saying:

“The UK is almost certainly going to be one of the worst, if not the worst affected countries in Europe.”


A state of affairs directly attributable to our government’s fixation on open borders and free trade. Fear of giving offense to the Chinese government who mock us over our weak response regarding our commitments to democracy in Hong Kong. Coupled with the misdirected funding into our healthcare service which instead of being dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of the indigenous tax payer is being soaked up by foreign health tourists and migrants and their dependents who have never contributed a penny.

Far from showing this country at its best, this crisis has revealed a staggering ill-preparedness that should send us a clear message about controlling our borders: “Folk and Nation first / and blood not personal greed / One Nation Arise!”

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