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Blue Bloods and Greenbacks

Royal Family

In what seems like a positive avalanche of virtue signalling following the ongoing Prince Andrew and Meghan Markle controversies, Prince Charles was quick to accept the title “Prince of Peace” – the headline of a recent article in The Sunday Times. Continuing his assertions, made while attending the Yad Vesham Holocaust Museum in Israel, he claimed: “Hatred and intolerance still lurk in the human heart” and that we “must be fearless in confronting falsehoods and resolute in resisting words and acts of violence”, while supporting his son, the Duke of Cambridge and his daughter-in-law, Kate (whose own family lineage includes the names Goldsmith, Temple and Myers), to participate in the Holocaust Remembrance service in Westminster.

The service was also attended by Prime Minister Boris Johnson (unsurprisingly, given his own antecedents and the cordial relations he enjoys with the powerful Conservative Friends of Israel Lobby Group). Their cohorts in the equally pervasive Labour Friends of Israel lobby Group did everything in their power to smear Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-Semite in the recent run-off for Johnson’s job.

Princess Kate, formerly Kate Middleton, was apparently quite emotional, while her husband, the future King, read to the packed hall. Her own much publicised portfolio of photographs of the grandchildren of Auschwitz survivors, either sitting or standing alongside their frail and elderly forebears, along with her insistence that reading The Diary of Anne Frank (despite the book’s highly questionable provenance) had greatly influenced her outlook on life, and will no doubt go some way to assuage the potential tsunami of bad publicity emanating from the editorial offices and newsrooms controlled by the same people, as Andrew’s close relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein and her flame haired brother-in-law and her mixed-race sister-in-law’s pursuit of a plentiful supply of greenbacks, continue to haunt the conscience of The Firm, as the Royal Family refer to themselves.

Speaking from Kensington Palace, the future Queen continued:

“The stories of those who survived the Nazi genocide of the European Jews should never be forgotten and the harrowing atrocities of the Holocaust, which were caused by the most unthinkable evil, will forever lay heavy in our hearts. Yet it is often through the most unimaginable adversity that the most remarkable people flourish.”

But one must ask oneself, will such self-abasement before the self-appointed moral arbiters of our time prove sufficient to sustain a brand that is so severely tainted by revelations regarding the way Prince Charles’s Duchy of Cornwall operation was turned into a vast and almost tax-exempt property empire that fleece’s homeowners on the Princes’s estates? How about the recalcitrant Sussex’s wedding and renovations to Frogmore Cottage that cost the British tax-payer over £34,000,000? Or Prince Andrew being accused of having “insulted” Epstein’s victims (according to Lisa Bloom who is representing several of the young women involved) and his “uncooperative” behaviour according to US attorney, Geoffrey Berman, in regard to the full-on FBI investigation? Or the fact that a former royal protection officer confirmed that Madam Ghislaine, widely believed to be Epstein’s procurer of young girls, visited Andrew up to four times a day and frequently took tea and had picnics with him in the grounds of Buckingham Palace?

This is highly distasteful, not only on the basis that Maxwell’s woman’s father, Robert, defrauded thousands of his British employees by plundering their pension schemes, but he was also an Israeli spy. This is a symbiosis that some say he shares with the now mysteriously deceased Jeffrey Epstein, who commentators speculate was a Mossad asset blackmailing high ranking foreign dignitaries in a honey-pot sex trafficking operation that spanned the US, the Caribbean, France and the UK.

Add this to the news that Harry and Meghan are enjoying a champagne lifestyle at the gated Mille Fleurs estate on Vancouver island in British Columbia; a property valued at over £18,000,000, and that their personal security will be covered by the British purse is somewhat denting Her Majesty’s credibility as “The Guardian of the Realm”. A nation that, under her sixty-six year reign, is languished in a state of perpetual decline, suffering such illustrative indignities as the retreat from our colonies that provided valuable raw materials and strategic military bases, the mass importation of former Commonwealth citizens that began with the Empire Windrush, continued with the Ugandan Asians and gained even more momentum under Tony Blair’s Labour government, was humbled by the dubious hedge-fund manipulator, George Soros, who bet against the British economy in the 1992 Exchange Rate Mechanism debacle;, failed to deal appropriately with ethnic riots in April 1981 and 2011, allowed race agitators like Dianne Abbott, David Lammy and Sadiq Khan into high public office, acquiesced in the development of the ‘victim culture’ and the imposition of  a ‘politically correct’ authoritarianism that has facilitated the cover-up of the mass sexual abuse of white English girls by predominantly Pakistani Muslim men, and overseen the decay of family values and the advancement of LGBT and feminist extremists at the expense of our racial posterity.

Not that our present elites care to lift a finger in our defense. For corrupted, and owned by aliens who see nations in terms of GDP, profit & loss balance sheets and economic performance, they march in their powdered wigs and ermine gowns through our hallowed halls, passing harsh judgments on the indigenous and exalting the foreign and exotic. Clinging to their tiaras even as they shrug contemptuously in the face of potential allies and mock our glorious dead by lining up side by side with wreath carrying representatives of countries that played an insignificant part in the catastrophe which was the First World War on that calamitous day at the Cenotaph to mark the event’s 100th anniversary.

With BBC commentators dutifully extolling the virtues of everyone except the locally recruited volunteers in the Pals battalions who actually fought and died in their millions in the blood-drenched trenches, while Meghan, the new ebony Britannia, stared down upon the crowds, the all-powerful “Woman of Colour”, the WOKE Warrior, whose unspoken approval must be sought before any ceremony can take place or any statue can be erected anywhere across the land.

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