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The Blessing of Motherhood


The Blessing of Motherhood. Article by guest writer: Jane Davenport.


Recently I have been engaged in many conversations and debates about how to reinstate traditional masculine and feminine values into a population lacking any moral conviction. The feelings of family, god or honour are weak at best, a barely perceptible pulse in the life blood of our civilisation. Yet, whenever we get into these conversations we get into intellectual whataboutery, for example, when talking of changing the face of traditional Christianity to make it more appealing to men, we may talk of changing the perception from viewing Christian men as Ned Flanders, to instead men like Richard the Lionheart.

That the will to sacrifice and protect ones family is innate in any healthy male, yet talking of men and honour, many peoples first intellectual reflex is to say, well what about me, or what about women, drunk on the stew of inclusitivioty. People then say, what about women who want to fight, or sexism, or is an infertile woman to be granted the same view as a warrior male and to be allowed to train and live as such?

However these points I find tiresome, we are so drunk on the stew of egalitarianism, that to make a point about how to save the lives of a generation of men stripped of their masculinity, and to reinstate them with divine purpose, we automatically have to talk about female representation.

Given I, like all reading this, are a product of the modern world, are we being sexist by pushing this, or is it a symptom of societies narcissism that we can not talk about one group without bringing up the other?

Inclusivity is indeed a part of the modern world, and gender lines are more blurred then ever. We must reinstate traditional gender lines, if we are to survive demographically and not become a minority. However where do we set them? Feminism has done many good and bad things for women depending on your generation. If as a movement we reinstate some sort of culture, where would we put them.

Our current blurred gender lines are a disaster. In 100 years time, will the European children thank us for being a minority in a largely Africanised Europe, or part of an Islamic Europe? Will they look back on us and think, well at least they were free to engage in debauchary and no ones feelings were hurt? Or will they resent us?

Indeed, to talk of motherhood, we’re so conditioned by society’s relentless destruction of the concept, that for many our first instinct is to say: “well what about the infertile women” or “what about the women who do not want to”. Is this one of the symptoms of societies brainwashing, that we are instantly filled with fear at the topic, that it will spell the end for all women’s rights?

It’s almost a Pavlovian instinct. What would it take for us as a society to be able to have the conversation about glorifying motherhood without our first instinct being to talk about “what about this and that”? Motherhood is the most sacred thing a woman can undertake, yet, we’re so poisoned that the thought of encouraging people to embrace traditional femininity is a source of pain.

Glorifying motherhood doesn’t mean demonising infertile women. However to survive as a civilisation, we must want women to have many children, that gives us two options, one to glorify the mantle of motherhood that women will wish to have many children, or through social cohesion and peer pressure. I choose the first option. However I believe we must change the stigma attached to the conversation.

We must be unapologetic, yet also have empathy for those unable to have children. However in igniting the cultural change we must be forceful, and figure out preferably how not to upset the feelings of infertile women. That they’re no less of a woman, yet to talk of motherhood we think no less of them. That merely their calling is different.

Let’s make motherhood and fatherhood sacred again .

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