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A Sign of The Times…


Any judicial analysis of The Times newspaper by an objective reader will provide an almost perfect insight into the self-affirming WOKE World of the modern media. A scurrilous clique who are constitutionally obliged by the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) to defame and misrepresent anyone of a nationalist or patriotic persuasion and so are effectively licensed to lie by their professional body. Leading the former Chairman of the once ascendant National Front in Britain, John Tyndall, to describe them as “termites” after a particularly biased ‘hit piece’ on his fledgling party by the BBC in early 1970’s.

Turning over the pages of The Times some fifty years later, the same term Tyndall used back then could be appropriately applied to the so-called investigative journalists who speak with one multicultural, eco-friendly, feminist, pro-LGBTQ Plus and vegan voice on all matters pertaining to current affairs, economics, culture and the arts.

Some examples from the news headlines being the clamor of support for the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, a man closely connected with the dubious Cayman Island financial dealings of Jewish hedge-fund billionaire, Chris Hohn’s Children’s Investment Fund, to be a future Prime Minister, the hysterical fake-news surrounding Boris Johnson’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, images of LGBT flags flying over the gleaming spires of Oxford, President Putin being compared to Ivan the Terrible and being incessantly accused of authorising cyber-attacks to influence both the US and UK elections, and trans journalists being invited to HMP Stafford to give talks to sex-offender inmates.

From the economic sector we are offered quotes by Fani Titi of Investec, of whom Times journalist Oliver Shah writes: “He lived in a shack under apartheid”, Page Nyame-Satterthwaite; a Non-Executive Director of The National Children’s Bureau, Sanjeev Gupta of the curiously financed Tata Steel Corporation, and Greta Thunberg championing ethical Isa’s. Meanwhile, no one asks about the individuals and financial bandits who cashed in on the financial crash of 2007/8 and those pirates profiting from the current coronavirus stock market collapse.

Then, to top it all off, we have the cultural and arts perspective with the likes of obese bi-racial India Knight attempting to offset the recent criticism of the BBC drama output adopting ‘inclusivity’ as its guiding mantra by referring to shows of yesteryear like Love Thy Neighbour and Mind Your Language which apparently stereo-typed ethnic characters, the Culture Magazine publishing extended extracts from Going Dark, The Secret Social Lives of Extremists by the Jewess Julia Ebner; featuring right wing terrorists like Brenton Tarrant, Anders Behring Breivik and Alexandre Bissonnette, the Sunday Times Magazine including articles entitled ‘Salt Beef, Shabbat and Me’ about Katie Glass’s discovery of her lost Jewish identity; featuring the predictable references to anti-Semitism like the Holocaust and the graffiti-daubed graveyard in Westhoffen in France (replicating the previous month’s article on playwright Tom Stoppard, whose work, despite his constant protestations, never fails to remind us of his Yiddish origins), reviews of films like Craig Zobel’s The Hunt; where elitist liberals kill and torture Hillary Clinton’s despised Deplorables in a grindhouse fantasy and negro actor Anthony Mackie taking the lead in the science-fiction thriller Altered Carbon on the Wakanda obsessed Netflix channel, plays like Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, currently showing at the Crucible in Sheffield, which of course features a “magnetic” performance by Theo Ogundipe as Aufidius (how could I expect anything else?), and glowing reviews of Jen Manion’s Female Husbands – A Trans History (of husbands who were really women), Louise Hare’s ‘This Lovely City’ about the experiences of an Empire Windrush immigrant arriving from Jamaica in 1948, and John Niven’s anti-Republican ‘The F*ck List’.

This being a mere sample of the off-scrapings being pumped into the cerebral cortex of the complacent, gullible and gas-lighted Goyim by the likes of the the more high-brow newspapers. God knows what stands for authentic, verifiable and fact-checked output in the fervently partisan press like The New York Times and The Washington Post, or for that matter outlets like CNN and France 24? From what I gleamed from a conversation with a former BBC journalist, now running a lavender farm in Mid-Wales, she could apparently see nothing wrong with the fact that anti-Brexit and pro-immigration liberals like herself were editing and checking the content of her columns and the fact her husband was both in-the-pay and a personal friend of George Soros, whom she bragged she knew personally and had dined with on several occasions? Mea Culpa!

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