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Woke Capitalism vs. Based Consumers

Woke Capitalism

Woke Capitalism, big corporations wanting to capitalize on the popularity of social movements, has been growing in the West. Companies & brands have now started to gravitate towards low cost, high signal woke noises as an advertising and branding strategy. For our mega-progressive countrymen, nothing fills them more with joy than seeing their values being touted by Mastercard, Apple or Nike. We as based consumers on the other hand are obviously less enthusiastic. Why is this happening we ask ourselves? And more importantly, what can I do about it?

Fear & Money
There are basically two main reasons why all big corporations are all of a sudden going full LGTBP pride & BLM these days : Fear & Money. Money is the logical reason for a company to live, as companies are definitely out to make money. Fear is a societal fact : some theorize that the western population itself is becoming more woke, so branding will logically follow. I do not think this is the case at all. We see that woke marketing can backfire quite terribly, like it did for the Pepsi Kendal Jenner ad, NFL viewership or Gillette’s toxic masculinity ad. Woke marketing isn’t just a goose that lays golden eggs. Big corporations are very aware of this. Why would they then use a risky marketing strategy to make money if it could end up hurting them? They fear the consequences of not doing so and they look for when it can make them money.

Why Fear?
Companies are quite scared of things that could harm their reputation in the long run, any possible anti woke countersignaling could trigger a boycott which could get nasty pretty quickly.  While this might sound reasonable, an all white commercial could fall under this label of ‘anti woke countersignaling’. Our corporate overlords are very much aware that the woke crowd is highly militant and aggressive. They attack people in restaurants, burn businesses down and will come for members of your family. Best to avoid all those nasty risks and bend the knee. A prime example of something like this is what recently happened to leaders of the UK based  Patriotic Alternative Party. Mark Collet and Laura Towler were recently closed off by HSBC bank from their banking services. The same has happened to Martin Selner and Blair Cottrell. Serving right wing dissents with financial services is a risk our friends in the banks just cannot take. 

When can being Woke make us more Money?
A prime case study of this is Disney. When the American state Georgia announced a more stringent abortion law. The Disney CEO instantly threatened to stop filming in Georgia, because people would refuse to work there making it impractical. Disney did film Mulan in the province where the Chinese are mass interning Muslims in so called ‘concentration camps’. Why did the woke people at Disney choose to diss Georgia but collaborate with the Chinese? Because they fear losing money. Boycotting Georgia comes at little costs and will have little impact on the bottom-line of Disney. China on the other is a huge market for Disney, any risk to future revenues there would be unacceptable for the company. It shows us that the companies aren’t really woke, they want to use being woke as a low cost marketing tool when it suits them to make money. When it doesn’t suit their goal to make money, they seem less woke.

Woke Capitalism; People who like to see twerking teens are also allowed to speak up!
Woke Capitalism; People who like to see twerking teens are also allowed to speak up!

What can I do about it?
To be very fair, in the short term you cannot really do much as an individual. But, if we as individuals act as a group, we might just be able to change things. Boycotts are the first thing that comes to mind, if you are a pro life person. Your kids should obviously never ever be catered a product from the Disney corporation. If you like your countries being filled up with your own rather than refugees, then things you should avoid like the plague Starbucks and Ben & Jerry’s.  You simply need to punish them financially for their views.

I’m absolutely horrified at the amount of conservatives or right-wingers who own a paid subscription to Netflix. How the fuck are you sending money to the people promote a film about twerking kids? If you don’t let them feel anything for this, you need to do a vibe check on yourself to see if you aren’t an undercover progressive liberal. Spoiler alert, you probably are.  

You can also let them know what you think. While this sounds like a silly thing to propose, Imagine a company releasing a new woke marketing campaign. But , it backfires. Social media is flooding with complaints and dislikes, people are sending angry complaints by email and by real mail. The goal of gaining positive brand awareness then explodes into pieces, and people work overtime throwing out letters, deleting comments and figuring out what to do about it. The woke mob does this a lot, it works because they do it in groups and they are relentless in their bitching. Eventually, companies will bow down. It will not work for them in the long run to keep at it.

If we as individuals complain and stop giving them money, this will be a necessary first step but will not be enough. But if we persuade more and more people to join us in a direct marketing attack, together we will just make them bend the knee.

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