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News » “We have to kill the white man” – anti-racism group leader gets backlash over incendiary words
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“We have to kill the white man” – anti-racism group leader gets backlash over incendiary words

It was all sunshine and puppies on the youtube live with the ‘anti-hate’, SOS Racism group leader Mamadou Ba about “Racism and the advancement of hate speech in the World” in the Afro-Brazilian channel ‘Africanamente’ or ‘Africanly’ in English, until the moment he says ‘we have to kill the white man.’

The 45 year old, originally from Senegal who now lives in Portugal continues: “it is necessary to kill the white man, murderer, colonial, and racist” to “prevent the social death of the black political subject.”

^ Subtitles of the video in English

Despite these incendiary words being ignored by most mainstream media, with the notable exception of the tabloid Correio da Manhã (thank goodness for tabloids), reported that Mr. Ba’s statement was a quote from Algerian far-left anti-colonialist political philosopher Frantz Fanon, who openly advocated for violence during the French rule of Algeria in his seminal work The Wretched of the Earth. Mamadou then proceeded to say that he was merely speaking of killing the white man ‘philosophically’, whatever that means.

The message was spread rapidly all over Portuguese social media and most nationalist groups and parties were quick to capitalize on the issue.

One of the newest parties in parliament, nationalist-populist right-wing CHEGA! party put a lot of energy into this whole controversy, being the first to upload a video about this openly violent, anti-white rhetoric, exploding with view on both Facebook and Youtube.

The ‘Ergue-te’ party, a more boomer-nationalist like party also took advantage of the situation and said that Mr.Ba’s inspiration, Fanon, was one of the main causes of the anti-Portuguese rebellions that killed thousands during the start of the Portuguese colonial wars in the early 60s, starting in Northern Angola and that if it was up the president of the party, Mr. José Pinto Coelho, the Senegalese would be swiftly deported under a regime of his.

How did the people respond? The civil society was also quite energized by this whole controversy, making a petition which has now over 16 thousand signatures, asking for Mr.Ba to be prosecuted by his calls to violence against whites in a white country.

Anti-white racism is nothing new in Portugal, with notable key figures such as Joacine Katar Moreira also standing in the spotlight for such bigotry for the country that took them over, with the racialization and polarization of Portuguese society towards racial minorities, far from being over.

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