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Warriors of Islam Vs African “Refugees” : maximum popcorn and sadness

A photo from the 2002 chechen war

To cope with the invasion of Europe by rapefugees, Macron bought last year a few chains of cheap hostels, including 63 Accord F1 (which the communist newspaper Liberation acknowledged), and rented a few others, thinking everything would go smoothly.  However, things did not go well (of course).

During the night of Friday to Saturday, around 50 Chechens burst into the migrant hostel of  Barberey-Saint-Sulpice. One rapefugee that got shook described it as “a scene of war”.The men, all Chechens, ran onto the site of the former Fast Hotel, now used to receive migrants.

“The minute before, everything was quiet. ” I had just told a gendarmerie patrol that everything was fine, it was calm”. “They ran towards the Africans, they were there to kill. “ When Philippe (name changed), one of the security guards at the Fast Hotel site on Friday 24 April, uses the verb “to kill”, it is not lightly. The man, a former soldier, has experienced real war scenes, he knows the weight of the verb. “It was a war scene,” he says, calmly and calmly. With his arm in a sling, his skull sutured in various places, he recalls a scene lasting a few minutes, worthy of a film.

“They had sticks, bats, sticks, iron bars, they were running around. “Philippe then had the reflex to dial the 17.”  (the French Emergency service) . Philippe and his colleague manage to hide one of those the attackers were looking for more than the others.

The Chechen soon left, as quickly as they arrived, one of the Chechens verbally attacks the security guard. “He told me that I should be on their side and not on the side of the Africans. ” But Philippe didn’t have time to reply that an iron bar hit him in the skull. Then on the shoulder.

Four men are injured: the two security guards and two Africans. One of them has a stab wound to the chest. Three Chechens have been arrested and taken into custody. The others fled.

According to the newspaper, since the previous day, tension had risen sharply after a child, who had burst in during an African football match, was asked to leave the scene. His father, who is of Chechen origin, had called several of his friends to the rescue and fights broke out on Thursday and Friday. Before the final night-time assault.

However, according to our sources, the whole attack was caused instead by an African that tried to rape a French and a Chechen woman that were walking in the street. While useless gendarmes are out blocking the population and arresting 0 criminals, it takes invaders from the Caucasus to solve the situation. The French State is an absolute joke.

The local newspaper article that caused our investigation:
Link of the original article on :

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