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Trust the xenoi at your own expense : libcuck rekt

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Xenos (Greek: ξένοςxénos, plural xenoi) is a word used in the Greek language from Homer onwards. The most standard definition is “stranger”.

Here a nice example of why you should never trust the xenoi. In Portugal, liberal – in the Lockean sense of the term- centrist party Livre choose as first of their 2019 national election list – so not to look racist – a pseudo academic, Joacine Katar Moreira. She was elected.  We can already see a big problem : as all Wakandans, Katar Moreira has no gratitude, and problems ensued.

Less than 4 months after the election, on January 31, 2020, after several disagreements with the party, which had this dumbdumb accusing the Libre of lies, persecution and using her condition as a black woman to obtain subsidies, the party decided to withdraw her political trust. Three days later, she registered as non non-attached congresswoman. This has of course a lot of effects : elections are proportional in Portugal, and given the low national results of Libre, she was the only elected official of the party. As such, Libre lost most of the national media representation rights.

The spokesman for the Contact Group, the governing body of the LIVRE, assured that this decision resulted from Joacine’s irresponsibility: “We did not divorce Joacine. It was the deputy who divorced us right after the elections”. The party guarantees, however, that it will continue to defend Joacine from racist, fascist and sexist attacks from some sectors of Portuguese society  : of course, Livre is cucking, just because. having your only national deputy -that you put first in your list – accusing you and the party that got her elected, of being basically the German chancellor, and keep defending her. Libcuck getting rekt by their own decisiong and asking for more.

Despite Joacine Moreira’s planned move to independence, the national subsidy to the Libre will remain intact, while the amount allocated to the deputy to support parliamentary work decreases from 117,000 euros to 57,000 euros annually . This has made this shitlib Joacine Moreira very angry, as she lashed out on their twitter today against her former party. Again : JKM is very very stupid.

We can read for instance, in a tweet feed (here archive )  :
I give free savings indications to presidential candidates. In Lisbon, in the legislative, the free spent 6 thousand euros was a lot, so the accounts you present leave me in doubt.
The grey dress from the poster was bought in an Asian store in Moimenta da Beira for just over 10 euros. The makeup is free at El Corte Inglés. Old shoes and cheap tights. The billboard was paid. Billboard design made by a friendly person for 200 euros.
Antenna times have not been paid for. The person who has been filming for days has not received a penny. It was a friend. She gave me a ride to Arrifana paying for gas out of her pocket. But Rui Tavares’ cousin’s restaurant where the filming was done and where we had lunch didn’t sponsor it.
Campaign anthem, monumental, at zero cost to the party. The artists are still waiting for symbolic payment for their extensive work. The party says it did not sign a contract and that the artists did not send an invoice until December 2019 (when nothing was asked of them).
Super fun video inviting voters and giving directions on how to vote. Work at no cost to the party, thought and done by two sympathizers. The party did not pay them. He says he didn’t sign anything that would make him do it.
For the design of the billboard, posters, brochures, cards for social networks, etc, the free paid the designer 900 euros. The last 450 euros were ironed out and with e-mail threatening to complain.

Let’s get it straight. She has been elected, put first on the list, earn hunder of thousands euros yearly, and she STILL COMPLAINS FOR 500 EUROS? In addition, funding to Livre has been halved BECAUSE SHE LEFT THE PARTY. Sure, maybe Rui Tavares, the President of Livre, is kinda greedy, but you don’t go in politics to make money, but this dumb fuck wants to be paid for the hours she spent on television. HOLY JESUS.
In a certain way, this is normal. Wakandans, as i told you, have no gratitude, and this one is particularly stupid. This should be a lessons for everyone : NEVER TRUST THE XENOI


Plus Ventura was right.

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