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The War on the Dutch economy: Chinese virus edition

Chinese virus

Like many governments, the Dutch government is struggling to balance stopping the Chinese virus versus not killing the entire economy. While initially, the Dutch government tried to be a bit more cautious. Things have now escalated further. 

Some of the new measures of the Dutch government;

  • Bars & restaurants can be closed permanently when an excessive violation of the Chinese virus measures are taken;
  • Possible mandatory individual quarantine;
  • Limiting the number of guests one can receive at home (6 per household) 
  • Mandatory ‘good goy masks’ zones in Rotterdam & Amsterdam. This has sent all the customers for these regions to regions where no masks are required. Devastating already poorly performing businesses in these cities.  

Some of the results booked by the Dutch government;

  • State budget deficit will increase by 68 billion euros, initially, the government was looking at a positive budget with 2 billion unspent;
  • The economy will shrink by 6,4%;
  • 4,6% unemployment (a high number for the Netherlands not taking into account those who stopped looking for work)
  • An average of 75%  loss of revenue for small shop owners, restaurants and bar owners.
Chinese virus lockdown everything except prostitution in the Netherlands!
Chinese virus lock-down everything except prostitution in the Netherlands!

Why is this a big deal?
For Dutch standards, these numbers are quite shocking. The two towns who now threaten to kill businesses for violating the Chinese virus rules have let large BLM meetings happen throughout this pandemic. The hard-working Dutchmen gets the stick, the unemployed POC protesters get the carrot. The irony of supermarkets getting almost a card blancé regarding the rules and all other small businesses not getting any leniency is not lost on the population. More and more Dutch citizens realize the government is overreacting, fear-mongering and destroying the economy in the process. 

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