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The Impact of the Chinese Virus?


As the Chinese virus is on a rampage throughout the world, many wonder what the impact for their life, employment or family will be. We at Defend Europa are wondering what the impact on the peoples of  Europe and the right-wing movement will be. This Chinese virus will not just touch our personal lives in a practical way, it has the possibility to fundamentally change peoples minds and ways of life in the long run. We have lined up some of the possible impacts of the Chinese virus for you to ponder over.

Chinese Virus & Age
The Chinese Virus & Age

While it is common knowledge that the Chinese virus has a higher mortality rate for the elderly, it will be interesting to see what this specifically means for Europe. The main reason for this being that Europe has a lot of old people. Especially compared with third world nations around us. We can assume quite safely that native Europeans on average are older and will probably be more heavily represented in the higher age groups than ‘new Europeans’. This Chinese virus will accelerate the great replacement that is happening within Europe, because it will probably take a bigger toll on our native peoples than on other peoples. While this author suspects it won’t be a radical change noticed by many, it will still be an acceleration with consequences worth knowing about. 

Politics: The EU
The Chinese virus has shown Europeans one thing about the European Union. It is completely useless in tackling big problems. While i am no fan of the EU, this was a moment for it to shine. If the EU had a coordinated approach, effectively pooled resources and acted at least a bit determined. It would have probably been able to mitigate damages and spare lives in the process. What we got, however, was bickering, bureaucracy and countries all taking their own paths. It is undermining not only the faith people have in the EU as an institution, it shows us that when a little pressure is applied. The system does not work as we were told. The EU’s non-handling of the Chinese virus will play a big role in anti-EU sentiment & arguments for years to come.

Politics: Globalism versus Nationalism
Some within the movement are hopeful that this Chinese virus will awaken people to the many troubles which globalism brings upon us. While I am sympathetic to this view, I think that ordinary people will view this issue more on a party basis. While many establishment parties are now in power, this disaster brings many political challenges and opportunities to them. Initially, some governments and leaders will temporarily receive a unity boost in the polls due to the people wanting leadership. 

However, when the economical impact of the Chinese virus becomes clear when unemployment and poverty go on the rise. Times of great uncertainty and political turmoil have always provided opportunities. The question will be if our movement is ready to seize the moment and truly make use of the situation. I suspect that the virus itself will not impact the political landscape significantly, it will be the economical chaos that might follow. If the economies get bad enough, the extremes of the political spectrum will benefit. This all being caused indirectly by a Chinese virus might help people to better understand that living globally ain’t working out locally. But it will require a lot of hard work from Nationalist across Europe to make that a reality.

Your new life?
Your new life?

State of Mind & Body
The people who are currently in a state of lock-down are experiencing something completely new. There is a very unnatural situation where people are forced to not socialize, to isolate and to do this all within the confinement of their own homes. Netflix, TV and the internet are an ever larger part of life in a country attacked by the Chinese virus. The people are now almost constantly spoon-fed sub-par entertainment / propaganda combined with nearly no ways to exercise, it will surely have a negative effect on the mental and physical well-being of many Europeans. If lock-downs are extended deep into the summer, expect this to be a become a bigger & bigger topic.

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