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French “Right Wing” party goes full commie

the above photo features mr. Jacob, the president of the French Les Republicains.


If for foreigners the French president Macron is basically just a homosexual Trudeau, was a game-changer for most parties in France, as the traditional left and right party, the Parti Socialiste and Les républicains, were almost wiped out. The latter, Les Républicains, was less touched since most of its power was in the Senate, which has a similar election system of the American one (renewed by thirds every 2 years). Yet, the Républications still are at the bottom of the polls, and if things continue, will disappear in the next Senatorial election this fall. However, instead of changing its policies, the party continues in the dumb spiral that made it collapse.

On Le Figaro, the main “right-wing” daily newspaper in France, we can read some interesting.  Just mind a thing: the banlieue are the Africans and Arab city sectors, that’s the keyword they use in France.

Young Republicans are taking the banlieues by storm.
For the party chaired by Christian Jacob, the ambition is to give the image of a movement capable of carrying a new political project by reconciling youth and ideas, without giving up the fundamentals of the right.

Ending a certain banlieue rhetoric and carrying a message about equal opportunities. This project was evoked this week by the Young Republicans during the first works of their new think-tank. Launched under the patronage of two LR party vice-presidents, Congressmen Guillaume Peltier and Virginie Duby-Muller, the think-tank has just come up with three ideas.

“For many years now, the right has abandoned the Banlieu and only talks about them to evoke news stories. Now more than ever we need to talk to this youth again, as Nicolas Sarkozy did in 2007, with a clear speech on social lift, work and merit,” says Aurane Reihanian. The 27-year-old president of the Young Republicans, who is responsible for the Ain department and leader of the opposition in Bourg-en-Bresse, has the ambition to speak to all young people with the conviction that every young person, regardless of their social background, “can succeed in France”.

The basics of French normie right is pandering to foreigners.
And they’re surprised their popularity is the gutters.

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