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The Disease Called Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

In the UK recently, there has been a push to exclude 16 & 17-year olds from participating in the National Lottery. There currently is a legal loophole allowing minors to engage in gambling before becoming adults. To give you an extended view of this problem, in 2017-2018 these age groups spent a mind-blowing 47 million pounds on National Lottery games. Gambling for minors, it isn’t just something the government allows in some places. Across Europe, this is a tremendous problem.

Why Is Gambling Bad?
Gambling is inherently unfair to the gambler itself. Usually, it involves rigged chance games, these ensure that the majority of players lose so the gambling providers truly win. From my personal life, I have noticed a pattern among avid gamblers. They will tell me they just won 100 Euro! But they lost 200 last time, they refuse to do the math among themselves. Only focusing on their winnings, never on their losses. Financial irresponsibility at its best.  But losing money is not the case, gambling is addictive. Gambling addicts show almost the same patterns as those who are addicted to drugs. The problems that arise from this addiction, for instance, are; financial troubles, homelessness, suicide, relationship problems, health problems and depression. Many Western societies used to ban gambling to stop its degenerating effects on the people.

The addiction is real
The addiction is real

What Is Happening To Our Kids?
Gambling in the National Lottery isn’t the only thing that is happening to kids in Europe. With the rise of online gaming, we see a new kind of gambling emerging. This kind of gambling is specifically aimed at gamers, many of whom are minors. For non-gamers, we call it ‘loot boxes’.

Loot boxes have long been controversial in video games. They offer players a chance at a RANDOMIZED reward when opened. To further complicate matters, boxes can often be bought for real money, and the rewards can sometimes be traded.”

Loot boxes are ways for kids to be engaged in gambling while just playing their favourite games. Many games have an age rating, still, parents across the west buy these games for kids that are younger. They link their credit cards to the accounts and all of a sudden kids can gamble with real-world money for virtual rewards. The gaming industry is fighting everyone who is telling that they sell gambling to kids. They want to keep exploiting children so they can rake in money, do not be distracted by this. The immorality of the gaming industry knows no bounds.

Gambling through loot-boxes in Fifa
Gambling through loot-boxes in Fifa

What To Do With Gambling?
Gambling for a lot of people is a casual thing they do occasionally or a couple of times in their life. Yet among us walk fellow countrymen who are more vulnerable, if we let the gaming/gambling vultures pick them apart. It is us are stuck with the bill, not those who made a hefty profit on the addiction of others. Gambling is just a legal way of selling drugs to kids and adults, we must protect our people against it.

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