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The Age of Identity Politics and Class Struggle

Class Struggle

With BLM protests across Europe, influenced by Marxists. Something very special is happening. Identity politics (a tendency for people of a particular religion, race, social group, etc., to form exclusive political alliances)  & class struggle (conflict between different classes in a community resulting from different social or economic positions and reflecting opposed interests.) are merging to form a coordinated effort to bring down western civilization. They want to redistribute wealth and power on the basis of identity or class. Western European society seems ill-equipped to handle this situation.

Class Struggle
Class Struggle & Identity Politics

What is happening?
While Western Europe is a prosperous and peaceful region, the ongoing influx of refugees and foreigners have created a new economic underclass. This underclass is not performing economically according to the general standards. They have economical disadvantages in the areas of language, education, job experience, social network, etc. Many members of the above-named group are from former colonies, people who have are pre-dispositioned to have deep-seeded hatred and prejudice against the Europeans. 

The old meritocratic Western Europe is no more, social mobility among native people is not what it once was. The almost permanent native economic underclass in Western Europe suffers the same fate as the non-native group. They also enjoy additional problems like the outsourcing of jobs, a horrible housing market, the gig economy, student debt, etc. This group is (rightfully so) angry and impoverished while many around them live in wealth. 

These two groups together form a Molotov cocktail, ready to be lit and thrown at any time. Yet, there are other groups, who are facilitating this. The radical capitalists, globalists and liberals in your governments are doing absolutely nothing to stop it all from combusting. They throw gasoline on the bottle, they ensure that free trade, free labour and free capital flow globally. These groups ensure that the disenfranchised across Europe will unite and rise against the status quo. The Marxists now lead this struggle in Western Europe and many fall in line behind their banners. 

The Hand that will rule the World: Corporatism
The Hand that will Rule the World: Corporatism

What is to be done?
For any person feeling appalled by the blatant mass hysteria, Marxist influence and radical capitalism, I say one thing. We need to provide alternatives. Many of our people are rightfully disgruntled at their chances and opportunities in life. The social aspect of our movement must be front and centre. We are obliged to show our people the shining path while pointing out the darkness. The groups of our people you now see united behind the banner of Marxism they could be marching behind us. Remember;  If we do not save our people from the evil, who will?

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