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News » Spain – Increasing tensions between Europeans and muslim immigration invaders, small riots occuring in Manle
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Spain – Increasing tensions between Europeans and muslim immigration invaders, small riots occuring in Manle

Last week,  call to Muslim prayer ( Adhan ) rang out in Lleida ( Lleida ) Catalonia, Spain, right next to the Seu Vella, a historic church that dominates the city. A Muslim took advantage of the confinement to install a pair of loudspeakers and play an Adhan (at the exact time of the prayer, this is not a com operation) that resounded throughout the city, he filmed himself and posted the video on social networks, videos published this morning and that I retrieved in the process.

Islam, on several occasions in France and all over Europe, is taking advantage of the confinement and the fact that the laws don’t seem to apply to them, to launch an operation of cultural and religious conquest, here in a historic site of Catholicism.

The initial message in Arabic says: After years, the Adhan rises on Lerida.

After the call to prayer in Lleida, the act was defended by the city council, with an official communicate. The Muslims have not stopped their open conquest, as very localized riots are in progress (in Manlleu) and the tension is rising between a part of the native population that respects the measures of confinement while the Muslims do not respect them, and the police does absolutely nothing. In one of them a gang of riffraff pushes a car in the middle of the road under the watchful eye of the inactive police. These videos are taken by residents who seem to be less and less able to tolerate the laxity of the ruling left. Those got so out of hand that Spanish major information sites such as,  are reporting this.

Wherever people from outside Europe settle in Europe, the result is the same. And colonial history has nothing to do with it, neither does urbanism or socialism. These peoples are too different from us, they don’t respect us and are in the process of transforming our homelands into Third World territories. We must not tolerate these delirious situations for a moment longer, we are OUR HOME!


It is time we open our eyes to what is happening. If you have Spanish contacts, please send them this article.These people want to rule us, to their rules and their god. We can no longer pretend not to see, this is a declaration of war. You have to act, don’t wait for someone to come and take you by the hand, act on your own.

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