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News » Portugal – Racial tensions in Lisbon escalate as bus driver is beaten in Africanized area
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Portugal – Racial tensions in Lisbon escalate as bus driver is beaten in Africanized area

Racial tensions are escalating yet again in Lisbon as a bus driver was severely beaten as we finishing in a shift on a very Africanized area on the outskirts of Lisbon, in Massamá, Sintra.

Tensions have been already running high in the Portuguese capital since an African student was killed in the town of Bragança in the Northeast of the country, sparking protests in several cities across the country, organized by African and far-left Antifa groups, with much sponsoring from the Mainstream media. During the same weak that the African student was killed, a 24-year-old student was also killed by three Africans from Guinea-Bissau as we had previously reported here at Defend Europa. The news about both deaths have been creating some tensions in the capital, with passive-aggressive attacks like we can see on this video when an African young girl wets an elderly man for allegedly complaining about the death of the white student at hands of 3 Africans.

In the latest case, however, a bus driver was severely beaten by violent Africans in Massamá as we can see in the cover of this article. This act of violence was a retaliation because last Sunday an African mother from Angola didn’t carry her daughter’s pass with her. The African mother attacked the bus driver and was then arrested by a police officer, bitting and scratching him while trying to resist him. Footage of her arrest ended up all over social media creating more racial tensions across Lisbon. In the wall you can read – The Police are racist torturers.

Here you can see the footage of the African mother being arrested, this video was all over the Portuguese social media and also reached the news. The ‘woke’, far-left parties rushed to defend her while the nationalist-populist party CHEGA! defended the police officer and also slammed the Commission for Equality which provided him with a ‘racism fine’ due to some of his previous statements about minorities.

Protests are already and again being called out by African associations and far-left, anti-white Antifa groups to protest about the ‘racism’ of this arrest, scheduled for the 1st of February. Last year as we have also reported, similar protests due to discontent for the way the police forces acted on neighbourhoods ended up in Cocktail Molotovs being thrown at police stations, bins, private vehicles and even buses being torched in thousands of euros in losses in the country that likes to claim to be the ‘3rd most peaceful in the World’.

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