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News » Portugal – Brutal murder of promising college graduate by 3 Africans sparks immigration row in the country
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Portugal – Brutal murder of promising college graduate by 3 Africans sparks immigration row in the country

At 11 pm, December the 28th, a few days after Christmas, a young college graduate, 24-year-old Pedro Fonseca, was killed near a McDonald’s in Campo Grande, a University district of Lisbon, Portugal’s capital. The victim, recently graduated in Informatics Engineering, was the son of a former Judiciary Police (Polícia Judiciaria – PJ) inspector and died when the three young African men tried to rob him.

This morning (January the 6th) the Judiciary Police searched and detained the three alleged perpetrators of the Sintra railway line (a highly Africanized municipality in the outskirts of Lisbon) after being able to identify them a few days ago with the help of video surveillance cameras.

According to TVI24, which goes on with the news, the suspects are Africans “of Guinean origin, from the Queluz and Amadora areas” and were detained in a police operation in Sintra municipality, together with the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action (DIAP) of Lisbon. Several mainstream newspapers state that two of the killers are actually minors.

The robbers, who will now be present to the judge, reportedly approached the young man as he walked to his car, which was parked near the Faculty of Sciences in a dimly lit area after dinner at a fast-food restaurant in Campo Grande. The victim resisted the assault and was stabbed several times. The young man, a finalist in the Informatics Engineering course at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, could not resist his injuries and died at the scene.

The killing of Pedro Fonseca, a promising college student has sparked anger, ire and an intense debate on social media.

The comments in social media in news pages have overwhelming shown anger, discontent towards the current immigration system. ” Since we can’t give them the same treatment, sent them to jail with forced labour and then repatriate them immediately”, the second one says “In my opinion, they should be deported immediately because I don’t want to pay for their food and hotel [the prison]. Another commenter asks for strict justice while another one laments they will be released immediately, showing how little faith the Portuguese people have in both their immigration and justice systems.

This case has been highly and heatedly debated in the country since the far-leftist, anti-white parties like Bloco de Esquerda and LIVRE have been calling for protests and crying out ‘racism’ because of the case of an African student that was also killed in a bar-fight in the city of Bragança in the Northeast of the country. However, after the police’s investigation, it was discovered that his killing had nothing to with racism but actually because of a misunderstanding at the bar that turned into a fight.

Finally, the leader of the Portuguese Nationalist Party, CHEGA, the only party leader actually caring and denouncing the death of this brilliant young man states that “After days of clamouring for racism in the death of a young Cape Verdean in Bragança, the social networks of Bloco de Esquerda and Livre come crashing down when three Guineans suspected of the murder of a young Portuguese were arrested in Campo Grande.
Do the whole country a favour and hide! Or disappear for good!”

Depois de dias a clamar por racismo na morte de um jovem cabo-verdiano em Bragança, eis que as redes sociais do Bloco e…

Gepostet von André Ventura am Montag, 6. Januar 2020


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