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New Year babies in Europe show a demographic grim future

It’s that time of the year again and the mainstream media as usual shows who is the fortunate child that happens to be the first baby in their own respective countries, regions and even cities. For Western European countries, those babies are certainly an eye-opener of the current demographic replacement that is happening across Europe through combined trends of race-mixing and immigration. Let’s start from West to East.

Both Portugal and Spain certainly won the prize for the most exotic babies of the year. In Portugal, the first baby of the year is from an Afro-Portuguese, mixed-race couple. The baby, called ‘Uryyah’, a biblical name according to the parents was the 6th of the couple.

For Spain the New Year baby is even more exotic. Son of a Dominican man and an Ecuadorian woman, the only Spanish thing the child will have will be his mother tongue and nothing less.










In Ireland, the scenery is even darker, with a fully African child being the first being born in the country as for this decade.

As for the rest of Europe, most of the babies being born nationwide were actually full-blooded Europeans, however, the same can’t be said for many big cities across the continent, especially in Western European, liberal countries, taking, for instance, this African baby in a Swedish town, this mixed-race couple in Aalst, Belgium and the list could of examples could be endless for the countries behind the former Iron curtain.

In 2014, when estimates were made across EU countries about the native populations vs immigrants, the figures looked already pretty shilling for many Western European countries like France or Sweden whose native populations were already bellow 70% so six years later and with these much evidence of extra-European couples having dozens of children in our countries, if nothing is done to stop and reverse this situation, it will only spiral downwards from here.

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