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New migrant invasion: a field report

Since the beginning of the new wave of invasion in Greece, a few re-information journalists and activists have been able to travel to the field to cover the events. Lengadoc Info publishes an exclusive account by one of them, that we have translated exclusively for DEFEND EVROPA.

Far from the stories written by the left to make people cry in their homes, this one describes the meeting of two young people from the alternative right with two illegal immigrants in a shabby cell in a Greek police station ten kilometres from the Evros, the river marking the border between Greece and Turkey. These few lines summarize, without filtering, the discussions of the meeting. The following information will seem completely crazy, even unbelievable for some, yet we swear on our honour that we will pass it on as we had it.

Lying on their mattresses, Jaff and Abdallah are just sleeping, smoking cigarettes and making phone calls to their relatives. Jaff is an undocumented Iraqi Kurdish man from Iraq who has managed to get his 17-year-old wife and two-year-old child to Germany through family reunification. He is imprisoned in Greece after an arrest for possession and use of drugs, while he was in the country for a “go fast”. He has been in prison for several months. Transferred several times and in different places, he has, according to his own statements, fought against the Turks in the Middle East.

Abdallah, for his part, is an undocumented Arab Iraqi, arrested and imprisoned for trying to cross the border illegally. He has only been in prison for two weeks at the most. He has two wives and five children and has fought against the Americans.

They are both waiting for relatives, legally in Europe, to come and “pay bail”, i.e. to slip an envelope of bills under the office of the police station director, sufficiently filled out for the files to disappear and be released. This may seem incredible to us French people, but the two illegal immigrants assure us that here in Greece, that’s how it is done. This did not surprise me, because since I arrived in the country, I have been hearing about the police as if they were a real mafia. Of course, this is not to say that all Greek police officers would engage in this kind of practice, but I am just repeating what I have heard several times.

If Abdullah is not very talkative, Jaff is very talkative. He will not play by the rules, he will not work, the only thing that interests him in Europe is the standard of living, the opportunities for trafficking and the laxity of our justice system. Everything is good for Jaff: arms trafficking, drugs, theft, and he is not at his trial. So he explains how to reload different weapons, how to shoot with them, and proudly shows us the “few” wounds he has: one in his hand from reloading a Glock (a semi-automatic pistol), one in his abdomen where he was shot, and various other scars from whiplashes and stabbings, ending with a toe moved by 9 mm blows.

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Jaff also fought alongside the Kurds, but for him politics, values, all that is irrelevant. He prefers weapons and drugs, cocaine being his favourite. He comes to tell us how several times his family, his clan, had him released from Iraqi police stations where he had been incarcerated for drug use and dealing, or for shooting someone in a nightclub under the influence of drugs. He laughs as he explains to us how the Iraqi policemen, the state police, were fleeing the police station when the Kurds of his clan arrived, weapons in hand. He also tells us about one of the times he fired a machine gun at a helicopter…

Even I, who have always had my eyes open to the reality of illegal or legal extra-European immigration, was astonished by such violence: Jaff exploded all the clichés one by one, making them completely obsolete.

He had managed to bring his wife to Germany, one of his wives, because he and his comrade were no exception to the rule of polygamy. They didn’t even understand that a man could only have one wife.

When we told him that we had come to do journalism, he became very friendly, he thought that we were one of those left-wing journalists who had come to show Europeans the misery that the illegal immigrants were living and that we would not say anything about his real life, under the guise of cultural differences or in absolute complacency.
He wanted to show us how muscular, athletic and fighting, by doing “physical exercises” in front of us, shirtless, with a cigarette in his mouth. He often sang or spoke alone, and also took large doses of sleeping pills to help him sleep.

Women were a topic that came up very often in our conversations and seemed to literally obsess them. When it came to talking about western women, both of us would say, “White women bitch, White women bitch. A phrase they repeated several times, without tiring, when we were talking about women.

Abdallah, the most evasive, spoke too little: he seemed completely drugged and lay on his dusty mattress smoking cigarettes. However, he did reveal some things about his life: his passion for alcohol and women, the fact that he was the son of an Iraqi soldier, and that he wanted to live in Europe for the comfort and standard of living, “the quiet life,” as he put it.

Jaff and Abdullah are Muslims, pious Muslims. And this despite their various consumptions and their dissolute lives.

The next morning, the police sent our illegal immigrants elsewhere, just before the arrival of a European Union team that came to visit the cells of the station and check the conditions of detention. We did not see them again, but Jaff had told us, late at night, that he would get out quickly, that his “boss” was going to pay his “bail” very soon!
Welcome to Europe.

Remi de Flandres-Theusz ”

You can find Remi’s blog HERE 

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