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News » Neocons are trying to drag us into a war against China to save the islamist Uyghurs – French Edition
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Neocons are trying to drag us into a war against China to save the islamist Uyghurs – French Edition

Note: Tweets are translated.

Neocons worldwide try to bring the Westerners to war with China. While China’s economical informational war is sure against us and could constitute a very very weak but valid casus belli (which people wouldn’t accept anyway ), the Neocons have something else in mind: the Uyghurs.
Literally: we have to endure the exponential intensification of pro-war activism around the world. This time, it is a question of embarking Europe in the Neocon war against China by forcing us to support their golem on the spot, the Uyghur Mohammedans. For the one like me that remember the Leftist activism against the Iraq war, it’s rather comical.

In France, the dance was started by the queen of institutional “journalism” Anne Sinclair opened the dance after a first-page coverage in the newspaper Libération, owned by the Israeli oligarch Patrick Drahi. Fun fact: Libération was created as an antiwar Communist journal.

Bravo @libe for publishing these testimonies of atrocities against the #Ouighours. Genocide. Torture. Forced sterilizations. Unbearable testimonies. And the West shuts up… in exchange for the masks and the components of Doliprane?

And here the French equivalent of the Anti Defamation League : 

The international community must act and react. A mass crime against the #Ouighours is being committed before our very eyes with absolute and general indifference.
@EmmanuelMacron @JeanCASTEX

Nicolas Tenzer, a very influential member of the French High Administration : 

I welcome these strong and unambiguous words of @JY_LeDrian.
It was, indeed, essential to identify the regime responsible for these crimes.
It is now important to qualify them and to draw all the implications, both legal and political, from these incriminations.

And in the meanwhile, still no actions against the weekly jihadist attacks in France. Last week, a nurse was dragged and killed by two terrorists on more than 800m.

Look, those 10 million Uighurs or so of China’s 1.4 billion are nothing more to the Neocons than the equivalent of their domestic “Syrian Rebels”: rabid dogs that the Neocons set loose to wreak havoc. China has had no trouble producing video footage of the jihadist infiltration that the CIA supervised at its borders. The Chinese media is tightly controlled by the Chinese state, but any European accustomed to Mohammedan savagery knows that these videos describe reality. Because it is the reality they have been suffering for years.

And the Neocons don’t’ want to do anything against it: French president Macron called “Minor nuisances” the murder of a bus driver in Bayonne no later than last week. 

The whole Xinjiang operation aims to create a new “democratic” Syria based on jihadists with explosive belts within China’s borders to weaken the government. At the same time, the Neocons are waving the antifas in the country as they did in Hong Kong, which will kill the organic protests but obligate the
government to send troops.

Neocons always delegate their dirty work to auxiliary livestock. The triangulation of a conflict is the fundamental principle of globalists strategy. For an obvious reason: they do not have the advantage of numbers. It is, moreover, thanks to this method that they had Christ executed by Roman troops two thousand years ago.

We must give credit where credit is due. I recognize that the Neocons have a definite talent for killing innocent people and maximizing their profit. They are really very effective when it comes to converting human blood into gold.

However, if you think that Neocons are even “moved” by the fate of a herd of Islamo-Asian from the confines of Xinjiang – the same who are absolutely blind when drones coldly execute any Arab who comes too close to Israel, or when Saudi Arabia kills hundreds of thousands of Yemeni – you still have much to learn about this people. This is just an artifice they use with the white people because they know that these brave spirits, burning with charity, will react idiotically after a few Hollywood stories about imaginary torments inflicted on old people and children. Another proof of their hypocrisy can be found HERE: Raphael Glucksmann, the unofficial head of the Social Party in France (he lead the European elections list), had recently tweeted a list where he shames a country that refused to condemn the UN. Among those, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and so on.

But wait, isn’t Saudi Arabia an Islamist Monarchy to set to death all its religious and political opponents? Where is the shaming from globalists? Also, Uygurs are muslims. So tell me why, if neither Saudi Arabia, at the head of the holy places of Islam, nor Pakistan, the only nuclear country in the Muslim world, nor Egypt, the most spiritually influential Arab-Muslim country, do not oppose China, why should French people at minimum wage from Tourcoing suddenly demand urgent action from their government over a jihad-ridden Muslim tribe living 10,000 kilometres away?

Like Saddam Hussein’s incubators, Slobodan Milosevic’s concentration camps, the Timsoara massacre or Bashar al-Assad’s flying gas chambers. Don’t fall for that idiocy. Think for your future, not the Neocon one.
I see no reason to break from our neutrality. As Europeans, we have no major opposition with China, which will become the major power of the 21th century. On the other hand, we do have an existential conflict with Neocons establishment, which is currently trying to genocide the white race in Europe by migratory submersion.

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