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News » Municipales2020 : France first pro jihadi mayor and Marine Le Pen still a boomer truck driver
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Municipales2020 : France first pro jihadi mayor and Marine Le Pen still a boomer truck driver

It is a great victory for Abdelaziz Hamida, elected mayor of Goussainville. The Algerian inhabitants are very proud of the country’s child. French are however a little less delighted, as Mr Hamida is a pro terrorist.

We can indeed read on the Express, one of the leading center left newspaper, in a an article preceding his election last Sunday (28/06):
Abdelaziz Hamida is at the head of an unlabelled list in Goussainville, in the Val-d’Oise. The police have been watching him for several years.
On 14 March 2019, Abdelaziz Hamida, in inaugurating his campaign headquarters, declared himself a candidate in the municipal elections in Goussainville, a Val-d’Oise commune of 30,000 inhabitants. Outgoing municipal councillor, elected in 2014 on the list of the winner Alain Louis (various left-wing parties), before switching to the opposition during his term of office, he presents himself without a label, with a slogan, “The audacity of renewal”. Born in the town 43 years ago, “holder of a master’s degree in local and regional government law at the University of Paris VIII, he is a “businessman” and an associative executive – he was president of the Goussainville football club. He assures “to act as a free man, as an elected official in tune with the realities of the territory and with his convictions anchored in his body.

According to information from L’Express, the man has been the subject of an S card for radical Islamism. According to police sources, he is said to be close to the fundamentalist movement Tabligh, an organisation whose name has been cited in the judicial record of the Lunel jihadist network responsible for the departure of several young Frenchmen to Syria and Iraq in 2014-2015. Hamida had aroused the attention of the intelligence services because of his proselytizing activities and because he had several people in his entourage who were on file for radicalism. Among them, one individual was particularly notable for observing two days of fasting at the time of the death of Mohammed Merah, the terrorist who perpetrated the killings in Toulouse and Montauban in 2012.

French people at least avoided Malian supremacist Bally Bagayoko, which was competing for Mayor of Saint Denis. You can find here a video he published when he was the first mayor assistant.  Needless to say,  neither Romainville or Saint Denis are inhabited by white people.

However, in whiter areas of France, you’d expect the Rassemblement National, Marine le Pen party, to fare well. Nah m8. While more than 6 out of 10 voters did not even vote, Marine le Pen party collapse nationally, as  it has lost half of its municipal Councillors. After a campaign for Africans “to love france “, Marine Le Pen is over with her truck boomer rhetoric. Sad,

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