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Hordes of migrants arrive at Greece as the Greek people bravely defend their country

As if the 3 billions of €uros the European Union has given to Sultan Erdogan weren’t enough to appease the Turkish leader at keeping the refugees from a war in Syria that he has joined long ago, now he is opening the flood gates to our continent to pressure both the EU and NATO to join his side on destabilizing further the country than it is already.

Last Thursday, in a strong attempt of pressuring both NATO and the EU into backing the Turkish invasion of Syria through their jihadist rebels in the Idlib region, the Turkish leader decided to open the gates, blackmailing Europe into either give in into his geopolitical demands by further destabilizing Syria or else, suffer the consequences, of his geopolitical demands by seeing increasing hordes of migrants.

The consequences of this are crystal-clear. You can divide the situation in Greece in two of its stages, the Northern border with Turkey and then the one on the islands, Chio and Lesbos.

Up North, in the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace region, Turkey is physically inciting migrants into Greek territory.

The Greek government decided to deploy military forces to the border, and that it will also suspend asylum applications for at least a month a deport all migrants entering illegally the country. It is also worth noting that at many of these same migrants are appealing and/or are offered the help of foreign NGOs from Israel to cross the Aegean sea after the frustration of crossing the land border between Turkey and Greece.

As for the situation in the Greek islands, the situation looks far direr. The islands of Chio and Lesbos, despite less media attention, have been on pressure since the summer. As said above before, suspicious Non-Governmental Organizations run the business with the government barely keeping track. People have seen their properties destroyed, their sheep and goats have been slaughtered, their homes were broken into, antiquities destroyed as the so-called ‘refugees’ outnumber the locals by the thousands.

Locals in Lesbos are bravely defending their island from another massive wave of migrants after so many over the years.

As for another island being swamped by migrants, Chios, people are rebelling as well, both against the migrants and the government. More than 60 people have been hurt, many of them riot police, in clashes with protesters on Lesbos and Chios over plans to build new migrant camps. Stones were hurled at police as protests intensified at three Lesbos sites where the centres are to be built because they don’t want the migrants there and are saturated with this situation.

The revolt against the government and these subversive NGOs have been spreading to other islands as well as we can see below on the island of Kos.

The ‘welcoming party’ and the poor management of this situation has created a lot of anger between the locals and people from NGOs, international institutions and even far-leftist journalists who are keen to see the invasion going with all sorts of commodities and luxuries given to the ‘new arrivals’.

In this first video, we can see the representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees getting attacked by Greeks on the island of Lesbos.

No one knows where this situation might or will end but we can all say across Europe that #IStandWithGreece, the social media hashtag of solidarity shown throughout patriotic twitter ever since the crisis began. More importantly than standing with Greece, we stand with its people, that are worth protecting, quoting a friend “What our people are going through is a crucible. In the other end, we will emerge fewer but reforged.”

Special thanks to Galllomathis on twitter who I fetched this last quote and also helped with the intel in this article.

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