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News » Mayor of Florence suggested residents to hug Chinese people to fight ‘racism’ and it went exactly as you did expect
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Mayor of Florence suggested residents to hug Chinese people to fight ‘racism’ and it went exactly as you did expect

“I’m not a virus. I’m a human. Eradicate the prejudice” were the most heard words during this pathetic politically correct campaign in order to keep the Italian’s guard down and fight so-called ‘racism’. Looks like nature does not care about your virtue signal after all.

In a Chinese propaganda video by CCTV, from early February, we can see multiple people in the socialist champagne cities of Tuscany, hugging people of Asian origin, as the words “I’m not a virus, I’m a human. Eradicate the prejudice” are shown throughout the video. The mayor of Florence himself, Dario Nardella at the time has suggested residents hug Chinese people in order to ‘encourage them in the fight against the novel coronavirus’. It went exactly as you did expect.

The hilarious video’s comments actually share the same concern and the ‘I told you so’ mood.

If you want any more proof that politically correctness kills and it’s utter stupidity, at the time of this writing, the outcome of this pathetic virtue-signalling attempt resulted in Italy becoming the country with the most coronavirus cases in Europe, with 14 deaths and 528 cases. Bear in mind that this virus does the most damage in people with weak immune systems such as diabetics and the elderly, and Italy currently has one of the most aged populations in the entire planet, with almost 1/4 of its population being aged 65 and over.

Entire towns and regions in Italy have been so far quarantined and numerous cases have spread to other European countries from people who have been in North and Central Italy, with Marine Le Pen in neighbouring France suggesting closing the borders with Italy until the situation is contained.

Italy’s nationalist LEGA party leader, Matteo Salvini has also said that this situation would never have happened if he were in charge of Italy’s borders, calling on the leftist Giuseppe Conte to resign if he cannot defend his country’s borders.

No one really knows where this situation will end, but if you do have aged parents or grandparents (the most vulnerable groups), we advise you to keep contact with the public to a minimum and always wash your hands.

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