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Lockdown Lies

Lockdown in action

Every European country is experiencing its own version of a lockdown. Some of our leaders call it the biggest crisis since the second world war. In this moment of government overreach, where your so-called “rights” can be casually suspended. You are encouraged to be patriotic and protect our people. This while unemployment and bankruptcies are skyrocketing, “we are in it together” & “Stay home, save lives” are the new mantras. If you disagree? The right to any form of sincere protest against these measures has been taken from you. Fines or jail time awaits, better comply and save lives. You don’t want to be complicit to killing someone anyway. All this propaganda combined with fear-mongering might have clouded your judgment. However, you are being lied to. 

Lockdown Lie; We want to save lives
One of the most common lies you will be confronted with? That this is about saving lives. Most European governments have made a clear choice during this crisis. Abortion clinics are essential and should stay open. The killing of the unborn cannot be slowed down by some pesky virus. The risk to the elderly and people with underlying conditions created by this choice?. We need to put some of their lives at risk so we can end many more lives. Yet you are told that the government just wants to save lives. The 81-year-old man who could have been 82? Imagine the horror of him dying from the Chinese virus! That pregnant woman aborting her perfectly healthy baby for a socioeconomic reason? This is clearly a critical women’s healthcare issue, we must liberate her so she can join the legions of unemployed workers in the street. 


Kill the unborn while endangering the elderly
Kill the unborn while endangering the elderly, we call it healthcare!

By the way, BlackLivesMatter is clearly about saving lives! Healthcare “professionals” have told us that protesting racism is more important than protecting our people from the Chinese virus. You are obviously not allowed to protest against the groups of thugs destroying statues and ignoring the lockdown. If you are against BLM, you are a racist and you are defying the lockdown order! You will be arrested and fined so we can save lives.

European conservative politician protects our BLM protesters against these evil white lockdown defying racists #savelives
European conservative politician protects our BLM protesters against these evil white lockdown defying racists

Lockdown Lie; Nature & Personal Responsibility
The Chinese Health Organization (WHO) will tell you that the elderly and people with underlying conditions are most at risk for catching a severe case of the Chinese virus. A media tsunami of statics reporting on deaths, people infected and recovered are overflowing you. Yet, in this perfect storm of 24/7 media attention. The news you receive, it lacks some well-needed nuance and harshness. Many of the underlying conditions are lifestyle-related. Obesity and diabetes 2 for instance, both mostly lifestyle-related and both are known to accelerate the Chinese virus. Many people have lived so unhealthily that they cannot even survive a heavy flu anymore. While the fast-food restaurant & liquor stores remain open, the gyms are closed. Best to stay home and not exercise anymore. You can still order Mcdonald’s so why worry?  

We also must have a harsh discussion on the elderly. You personally would never want to lose your own grandparents. Man, however, is not made to be immortal. The extreme extending of the life expectancy of our people has brought you only worries, ever-growing costs and other problems. (Dementia for instance)  While accepting death might be hard, you should accept that dying above a certain age from a natural death is not only acceptable but should be considered normal. A good thing even when viewed from the collective perspective of the people.

Lockdown Lie; The Lockdown is good
While you might be insulated from unemployment related to the Chinese virus crisis, others are not. Entire industries like aviation and tourism are impacted heavily. Other industries like food & beverage services or stores suffer the same fate. While you might not care about big business owners, the staff employed by them will soon file for unemployment benefits at your expense. Small business owners will go bankrupt,  this will destroy the lives of the owners involved in the process. Debt and poverty will fall on more and more of our people. You might suspect this could be the start of the next big economic downturn. you might have savings or a pension fund that will be impacted seriously. 

While you are working, paying taxes and healthcare premiums. Your indebted government will spend even more of your money on saving the weak and elderly. Many of your people’s wealth and future perspective will be sacrificed, your government and you might sink even further in debt. The riotous minorities in your country are at the same time given a free pass to dominate the streets. You ask yourself, is this worth it all?

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