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Harry and Meghan : worse royal story since Henry the VIII (ep.1)

People in England, and the UK, do not give a shit about Meghan and Harry (they even did a poll lol).
Everybody thought that Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Wak… euhm not Duke and Duchess anymore would shut up after leaving for Murica.  Of course, nothing similar and both continue to clout our daily news feed with their useless stories. Let’s dive in for the lulz.

Lately, news have been piling up about Meghan being an absolute ar** and a boring person overall (WHAT A SURPRISE), but nobody expected a book from former members of Royal Staff, usually quite discrete, to be published this month. In England, Markle quickly earned herself unflattering nicknames from staff, who dubbed her “Me-Gain,” “the Duchess of Difficult,” “Di 2” and “Di Lite.”

However, nobody expected Meghan, former actress in the dramedy show Suits, to be so open as why she moved with her husband to the US. Harry also basically said he is a SIMP :  “Whose decision was it, I wonder, to build a new life in North America? I can’t help thinking that Meghan, as we must now call her, played a leading role here.””

In general, there is little doubt about how much Harry is submitted to Meghan. After selling his rifles collection just because hunting is bad, after losing all of his military friends, Harry has admitted to the press how being depressed is ruining his life. 

The official reason for departure was how royal tasks (i.e. garden contest opening or going to old people houses) left little privacy to the couple, who wanted a more secluded life.  Of course, official Markle and Prince Harry have since moved to an enclave infested with Malibu paparazzi. Makes total sense. Make so much sense THAN EVEN LINSDAY LOHAN, who does know a lot about dumb choices (she converted to Islam) has told the couple to shut the f up and go back to England.

Things could be fun enough by themselves, but shameless idiocy is never enough, as Meghan has decided to publish a biography about “Finding Freedom” from the royal family.

Cosmopolites love the “royals”. Of course. The European monarchies are a curse to European traditions.


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