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News » France – Minorities riot in no go zones after African criminal got injured while escaping police
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France – Minorities riot in no go zones after African criminal got injured while escaping police

It has been 9 days since mass riots and demonstrations against ‘alleged police brutality’ started in the outskirts of France and spread to other French cities and even some smaller villages. The matter has been completely swept under the rug by the mainstream media and other important stories like the COVID-19 crisis.

So what happened more than a week ago in France? On the April the 18th an African criminal while escaping police in Villeneuve La Garenne, a French no go zone in the outskirts of Paris, was seriously injured and it was believed at the time that he had lost his leg. Residents of said neighbourhood (other Africans and Arabs) immediately gathered to protest and the situation became a powder keg.

The situation immediately escalated as African thugs on social media published the photo of the policeman involved in the accident on social media, calling for his death. The sentence ‘Mort aux porcs’, death to the pigs, meaning cops in Françafricaine also became trending on Twitter as the sweet diversity was asking for bitter revenge.

The situation then in the following 3 nights started spreading to other no go zones of Paris like Asnières, Aulnay and finally, on the biggest and worse neighbourhood of them all, Saint-Denis. By April the 21st we see new cities in France swept by diversity joining into the violent riots, including infamous Roubaix in Northern France, Lyon in the centre and Strasbourg in the East of the country.

Yesterday, the riots have spread to Rouen in Normandy, and they are likely to ensue since Ramadan has also started, as it’s also often during the Islamic most ‘holy’ month. Finally, why are these riots so important? They are important because the French intelligence agents deemed that events like this might trigger a civil war. This sort of situation is a huge fear of the French government: they fear that such a situation could escalate and become uncontrollable.

For more information about this subject, go check Gallia Daily’s channel on Telegram, it has been tirelessly reporting on this crisis that is getting barely if any attention on this matter.

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