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Exclusive – Flemish police refuses to help a journalist

Bart de wever president of neue vlaamse alliance

Starting the 6th of August, SCEPTR  – a pro-Flemish conservative journalist – Jakob Kürüm – whom is of Assyro-Chaldean ethnicity – has been receiving “hate messages” and anonymous telephones. A recent article from the AKP-sponsored news site De Jongen Turken (The Young Turks), in which he is mentioned, is most certainly the cause. While Mr. Kürüm may not be on our line, it is interesting to notice that Flemish authorities pander to Muslim invaders even in the case of foreigners, this is why we have decided to share this interesting story. 

Kürüm has already been threatened in the past as a result of articles he wrote about Christian persecution.
In particular, Jakob Kürüm published an article a few weeks ago about a three-year-old Nigerian girl who was killed with a machete. The girl was killed by Muslim extremists, so-called ‘Fulani shepherds’, in mainstream medias.
“The fact that I am writing about the persecution of Christians should not make some Moroccans from Mechelen laugh”   “Yesterday I received my first hate message at 12.40 p.m. and a few minutes later another one followed,” declared Jacob. on SCEPTR on the 6th of August.  At night he was called “repeatedly by an anonymous number.”

“What nonsense do you write things about Turkey. Cancer terrorist. People like you don’t belong in the world. Terrorist”, one of the messages says . “Dirty whore child. [sic] “I’m gonna fuck your mother [sic]”, reads another messages.

“Sources lead to fear among Turkish authorities.”
A recent article from the AKP-sponsored news site De Jonge Turken (The Young Turks), in which he is mentioned, is most certainly the reason of the harassment. “I wondered myself why, my last article was about a week ago. Then, during the day an acquaintance sent me a screenshot of the article by De Jonge Turken “-

That article refers to fires in northern Iraq, which, according to the Turkish security services, were set by the PKK. “The terrorist group uses various techniques to falsely accuse the Turkish troops of wreaking havoc in the area. These false accusations are also spread in Dutch”, reads De Jonge Turken.

Mr Kurum in the past linked those to fires in southern Turkey, which according to his sources were set by the Turkish government.  “We also see that it happens more often in recent years, for instance last year the Tur Islo Mountains were lighted by Turkish mercenaries, which in their opinion was necessary to have a better view of the landscape and to be able to spot PKK terrorists”, it sounds. “But more important to know is that thousands of olive trees were destroyed and an important source of income for the last 2,000 Christians of the region was lost. It looks like a strategic move. As one knows, burnt land is infertile for ten years. Take away people’s livelihoods and bread and they’ll leave of their own accord.”Jakob emphasizes that his sources want to remain anonymous, because they fear a reaction from the Turkish authorities.

“We all know that Turkey is no longer a country where one can freely express one’s opinion. Every public statement has consequences,” says Jakob. “I have several witnesses who have seen that the fire was lit by the Turkish army. I can show several statements privately. If, as a journalist, I am already being attacked for the things I have established myself in combination with all the testimonies. What will happen to those same witnesses if their name is made public?”

Jakob Kürüm: “The PKK is a terrorist organisation.”
The SCEPTR journalist emphasizes that he has no sympathy whatsoever for the communist PKK. “The PKK is a terrorist organization”, it sounds resolute. “In the 80’s our parents and grandparents (of Assyro-Chaldeans origin as well) were forced to leave their territory because they got involuntarily involved in the conflict between the Turkish army and the PKK”.

“It is very painful to see how my people are treated,” concludes Jacob. “Before the genocide of 1915, 25% of the people in that region were still Christian. A succession of genocide and oppression have decimated that number to just under 2,000 Christians still living there today.”

A general lack of pro-active measure from the government. 
Such threats are not unique in themselves. Zuhal Demir, foreign politician member of the N-VA – a civic nationalist party in Flanders- , for example, has also been threatened several times. In 2017, for example, a 25-year old from Liège was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and a fine of 400 euros for reporting about foreigners crime.

Much more interesting is the lack of response from the ruling party in Flandres, the Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie, a civic nationalist platform. The influence of Erdogan has reached even our society to the point that journalists are attacked when they write anything negative about turkey.

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