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Interview with French Lives Matter

Disclaimer : The interview has been translated from French. 

A few days ago, we made an article about French violence in the streets, and the current streak of attacks. Mainstream media in France, however, has a weird way of reporting it.   If “police blunders” or “islamophobic acts” are counted, over-mediatized and intensely exploited, no one is interested in French victims or, more broadly, in victims who do not belong to any minority. This is why the #FrenchLivesMatter collective has decided to sort, map and count the victims of these crimes, starting with the most emblematic among them. The project can be found HERE

We have interviewed their founders to know more about it.

– Hello French Lives Matter, could you tell us about your project?
The French Lives Matter project’s primary goal is to identify the victims of murders and terrorist attacks committed against French people, with the aim of remembering them. We do not want them to have died without cause; they must not be forgotten. We must be able to remember their names, their faces and what happened.
All too often these crimes are hidden, the mainstream media do not talk about them and instead, there is just an article in the local newspaper in the “fait divers” column, making us forget that each time it is a face, a journey, a family wiped out.
This is why we list all these crimes on the interactive map on our website. Each time the names of the victims, their photos, the names of the perpetrators, the circumstances and a link to a source are filled in. This map is collaborative, if you notice that a murder committed on a Frenchman is not listed, please let us know. The team will check the sources and add the crime to the map if it meets the criteria.

– How did you come up with the idea for FLM?
The idea came to us in response to the famous Black Lives Matter movement, which systematically instrumentalizes every death or arrest of a black criminal or delinquent, whether in France or in the United States, to fuel extreme left-wing theories. According to these theories, there is a “systemic racism” present in the police, state institutions and more generally in society. This “systemic racism” would lead the police to murder innocent ethnic minorities who have been driven to crime by the racist society. Systematically, in every incident between the police and the riffraff, the police are accused of racism, even when the riffraff in question attacks the police or kills himself while trying to escape from them.

While the media constantly portrays immigrant riffraff as the main victims of racism, they hide the most present and deadly racism in our society: anti-French racism. Dozens of French people are killed each year by foreigners, illegal immigrants or immigrants, without provoking media indignation or mobilization of personalities. If there is “systemic” racism, it is indeed this one and we, therefore, had the idea of creating the French Lives Matter collective to denounce this reality.

– Murder victims are chosen on the basis of what criteria?
The victims of these crimes are generally chosen by their perpetrators because of their real or perceived French nationality. More often than not, the victims are attacked purely gratuitously for ridiculous pretexts such as a look, a cigarette or the slightest upset. In France, there are no less than 1,000 gratuitous assaults every day and the victims of these assaults are most of the time what these criminals call “gwers” or “Gauls”, i.e. Frenchmen of blood.
It is the victims of this type of crime that we are seeking to identify as a priority. We also identify the victims of Islamic terrorism who are often murdered for the same reasons.

Are the French media doing their job?
If the normal role of the media is to provide factual information independent of political power then no. If, on the other hand, if the role of the media is to feed the politically correct propaganda of the government, then yes, most media do their job admirably well.
The media have been practising lying by cover-up for years. Leaving out innumerable crimes committed against French people or minimizing them through politically correct peri-language, speaking of “altercation” to qualify an aggression, of “neighbourhood youths” to qualify immigrant scum or of “working-class neighbourhoods” to qualify immigrant suburbs. Journalists have already confessed to replacing immigrant names in various criminal cases with French names in order to “not play the game of the Right Wing”.
Fortunately, there are more and more alternative media that provide raw and unfiltered information about reality, which greatly displeases the old media, which no longer have a monopoly on information.

Is there an asymmetry of information in France?
Clearly yes. It is not normal for the media to insist so much on the victim’s origin when he happens to be an ethnic minority, specifying that the police officer involved is white as was the case in the Georges Floyd case. In addition, the rare times when the media mention crimes committed against French people, the origin of the aggressor is systematically concealed and the names of the executioners are concealed.
Fortunately, in recent years, social networks have allowed a better flow of information, forcing the media to talk about what they would have concealed if social networks did not exist. The hashtag #OnVeutLesNoms created in response to the concealment of the criminals’ profiles arrived in top tweet a few days ago, forcing journalists to reveal the names of the scum who had voluntarily crushed Axelle, a 23-year-old care assistant. Unsurprisingly, their names were Youcef and Mohamed.
This example shows us that this asymmetry of information is not inevitable and that popular mobilization has an impact on the dissemination of information.

– About a week ago, French President Macron declared the murder of the bus driver in Bayonne to be an incivility. What do you want to say to Mr Macron?
We would like to say to Mr. Emmanuel Macron that the French are not second-class citizens, that to compare the murder of a father lynched for free in his workplace by 4 scum to a piece of gum thrown on the ground is the height of indecency.
Mr. Macron should spend more time studying history to learn from it. The French are not doormats on which he can wipe himself with impunity, it is the people who heroically fought at Verdun, it is also the people who beheaded their king when they felt that he no longer served their interests.
He who talks to us about the need to maintain national unity, but who has never ceased to despise the historic French people, will only be able to blame himself if the ethnic-religious partition that he fears occurs.

– This statement is in line with the downplaying of the facts by the French political class over the years. Do you think this power strategy is effective? Will it last much longer?
There is beginning to be a reaction. No one really believes in the ’90s style of living together anymore. Between the black-white France of 1998 and today there was Mohamed Merah, the Charlie Hebdo attack, the Bataclan, Nice, Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, the Paris police headquarters attack and so on.
We are going through a regime of terror in which they want to force the French to literally kneel down because they are white. It is even more flagrant in the United States where proclaiming the slogan “All Lives Matter” is now considered white suprematism. There is a spectacular acceleration of all this ethnomasochistic madness in the media-political space where one now seeks to impose the ideology through fear rather than sincere adherence.
This mode of operation inspired by totalitarian regimes cannot last indefinitely. Let us remember that etymologically “French” comes from “franc” which means “free”. The French are a free people and we believe in their potential for insubordination.

Keep it on as next week we will speak about the French George Floyd, Adama Traoré, who was actually a homosexual rapist. 

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