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Chinese Virus? What about the Western Virus?


While we at Defend Europa have not been afraid to name the Chinese virus, it is time for us to name a second virus. One that is much more dangerous, threatening and one that seldom gets the attention it deserves. Today, we will name it; the Western virus is being fat or obese. 

Why does being fat or obese matter?
Obesity and being fat that are getting more and more prevalent in the West. In Europe, roughly 53% of the people are either too fat or have become obese. These people are sick. How sick you ask? To quote professor on obesity, Van Rossum :

“If you have too much fat on your belly, you will probably have a chronical inflammation in your body. This doesn’t work for your immune system, if a virus or a bacteria then gets added up. Its too much for your body “ 

While the aesthetics of being fat are not up for discussion, the consequences of having more and more fat or obese people within a society will bring us large scale problems. Since they are more likely to get hospitalized or even die from the Chinese Virus, those plagued with the Western Virus they will panic more than the average citizen. This enables the mass hysteria to take a hold. The media play along brilliantly, they don’t explain that many of the Chinese virus deaths include people who did not exercise, ate hamburgers all day and consumed daily more than a 100 times the average recommended amount of sugar. 

They are victims of ‘COVID’ we are told, not of their own lifestyle. I just can’t wrap my head around this! If you are so fat you cannot survive a flu anymore, what is really the root cause of your death or hospitalization? 

My Body / My Choice!
My Body / My Choice!

Why is nobody doing something?
There are several reasons why fat people and obese people get away with it. The body positivity movement for instance is blatantly supporting unhealthy lifestyles, giving fat people an excuse not to change and deflect all arguments against them. What also doesn’t help is that the average western person just doesn’t like to do stuff that is hard. Working-out and keeping a good diet is hard, sitting on the couch watching Cuties while eating chips and drinking fizzy pop is quite easy. Let’s not forget, fat people tend to be lazy (source) So fat people probably won’t do anything about their issues themselves. They will most likely actively prevent others from taking measures against them.

Will politicians do something?
Let’s look at the reality of the electorate. If the majority is either to fat or obese, there is no political gain to be made by proposing severe measures against fatties, it will probably backfire. Many fat people are also in the body positivity camp, so they will actively try to stop any attack on this unhealthy lifestyle. Lockdowns were a great example of this new fat dominated world. While Gyms had to close down during lockdowns, McDonalds and other fast food chains were allowed to stay open. Fat people could go on as always, fit people had to try to find alternatives so they could protect their lazy countrymen. 

What will the Future hold for us?
We are not flattening the curve on obesity in the West. This is a problem, as long as bigger this fat and obese electorate becomes, we will be able to do less and less to actively protect them against themselves and evil companies. In parallel, fat people will start to make more and more demands, bigger plane seats, representation in advertising but also severe lockdowns from non threatening diseases. As healthcare costs will skyrocket, the bills for these kinds of problems will be equally split between fit and fat people. So even if you are fit, you do not have immunity for the consequences of this problem.

The costs of having a fat country
The costs of having a fat country

You might think I’m exaggerating, but let me tell you something. Remember how much media attention Al-Qaeda got? Obesity and being fat has killed more of our people then they have ever done. Yet the media is almost silent, our politicians avoid it and just give some positive sounding tips.

It is time that we stopped with the war on Terror and declare  the war on the Western Virus. We must put the fast food restaurants on lockdown, arrest the people who sell poison and make the fatties feel the consequences of their own choices. We need to flatten the curve and a lot of bellies. Let them pay through taxes and force them to exercise. If we do nothing, they will simply roll all over us. (pun intended) 

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