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The Awakening Conference: Interview with Laura Towler (English Translation)


Finland’s Awakening conference will take place on 18th April 2020. Defend Europa’s Laura Towler will be one of the speakers there. This article is the English translation of her pre-conference interview, which can be found: here.


1.) Hello Ms. Towler! Would you like to introduce yourself to the Finnish audience!

Hello Tuukka! My name is Laura Towler. I am from Yorkshire in the north of England. I’m the Deputy Leader of Patriotic Alternative; a nationalist movement in Britain, and I’m also a YouTuber and writer.


2.) It seems that you are really proud of your Northern English heritage! Tell us something about the cultural differences within England. Can you still feel the old Norseman influence in your home city?

I’m very proud of my northern (and also my working class) background. I’m actually from West-Yorkshire, but in York (which is in North Yorkshire), the city is rich with Viking history. During the Industrial Revolution, Yorkshire was the largest textile manufacturer in the world. As grand as this sounds, my ancestors actually really suffered during this period. The introduction of machines and factories meant that their work became obsolete, and they had to move from the countryside to go live in over-crowded, polluted cities, where they worked in huge, dirty factories for a pitiful wage. The same happened during the years of the British Empire, and again in the twentieth century under Thatcher’s government, as our industries were shipped abroad. I think this is where ‘northern grit’ comes from. The government have always made things tough for us, but we’ve always just got our heads down and made the best of what we’ve had.


3.) People from UK have many terms for self-identification. What is the major difference between the words “Anglo-Saxon”,” English” and “British”?

The Anglo-Saxons were waves of Germanic invasions that we faced as an island during the 5th century AD. As an English person, I am descended from those groups, but also from the Celtic people who were in Britain before the Romans. My ethnicity is English, and it’s a mix of Northwest European ethnic groups. British is an umbrella term for the various ethnic groups in Britain, which are the English, the Scottish, the Welsh, the Northern Irish, the Cornish and those from the Orkney islands. We are all similar, but some have more Celtic DNA, or more Anglo-Saxon DNA, or more Viking DNA. I usually call myself English but if I’m talking about the whole of Britain, I sometimes say British.


4.) Couple of years ago Scotland had an independence referendum and majority of the voters wanted to stay in the union. What is your opinion about the referendum? Should UK be disbanded and divided to smaller nation states?

I think we should stay together because united we stand, divided we fall. However, I’m not Scottish so it’s not up to me. If the Scottish people decide they want to become independent, then so be it.


5.) What is your opinion about the multicultural and multiracial British Empire? Do you see it as the golden era for the English nation, or somehow problematic part of your nations history?

I have mixed feelings on the British Empire because on one hand, I feel very proud that my tiny island was able to wield such power. I also think we did a lot of good; spreading healthcare, science, technology and education to a quarter of the globe. We civilised a lot of people, and they still benefit from British colonialism to this day. But then on the other hand, I think: did we really have the right to do that? I don’t think you should wander into other nations without being invited. I don’t like it when people do that to us today. But then we also have to consider that the world was different back then. It just so happened that the British were the best at doing something that everybody did. Also there’s the point I made above, about working class British people being undercut and our industries being shipped abroad. I disagree with that. So it’s not really something I can give a simple answer to.


6.) Many people have said that British Isles have always been multicultural and even multiracial. How do you reply to these claims? Has there always been black population coexisting with White Europeans?

Britain was a homogenous nation up until Empire Windrush in 1948. This was a ship that docked in Tilbury, bringing immigrants from the Caribbean. We were taught that we needed them to rebuild our country after the war, but this has since been disproved. So 1948 is when mass immigration to Britain began, so you could say we’ve been a nation of immigrants since then, but it’s important to note that it happened against the wishes of the British public. Before 1948, we weren’t a nation of immigrants. There was a very insignificant number of immigrants in the country at any time, even during periods of previous invasions from other Europeans.


7.) Tell us something about the history of non-European immigration in Britain! During start of the 20th century, you were almost entirely White nation and nowadays White British are minority in their own capital. What the heck happened?

Well, as discussed above, it started with Empire Windrush in 1948. We were shipping African Caribbean immigrants into the country (saying we needed them because of the labour shortage), and at the same time, we were shipping ethnically British people to Australia on the £10 Pom Scheme! Everything we’ve been taught about immigration is a lie. We never needed them, and the British never wanted them. The reason we have them is because certain politicians were more concerned with lining their pockets than the happiness of their people and the success of their nation.


8.) How do you see the historical connection between the Anglo power structure and Jews? Do you understand European nationalists who use the term “Anglo-Zionist” as a slur?

I understand what they’re saying, but it’s important to differentiate between our elite and the general population. I often think that the majority of the population are good people, whereas the elite aren’t. I admit that we have issues with the British, but the same could be said for most European nations.


9.) You made a video recently about the reasons why you left the Counter-Jihad movement. Would you like to tell Finnish audience what is the main difference between nationalist and counter-jihadist ideology? Should we oppose counter-jihadism?

The Counter-Jihad movement are civic nationalists who want to focus our attention on Islam. I think the majority of their members are good people, but as a movement, they don’t care about the British becoming a minority in Britain, they just care about Islam. The movement can be used as a gateway to real nationalism, but a lot of their leaders actually counter signal real nationalism and use the tactics of the left to smear us. In Britain at the moment, there is a big divide between the Counter-Jihad movement and the nationalist movement. Although I’m happy to say their numbers are dwindling while ours are growing.


10.) What is your opinion on Winston Churchill and the Second World War? Our nations were fighting on the opposing sides back then!

I’m not a fan of Churchill and I think our involvement in the war was unnecessary. Europeans should be working together, not killing each other.


11.) White fertility rates are dangerously low in every Western nation, excluding Ireland. How do we fix this extremely dire situation? Are we now witnessing the death of the Nuclear family?

It’s an important issue, but I don’t believe it’s as big an issue as some people make out. I don’t think the problem is that there are too few of ‘us’, I think the problem is that there are too many of ‘them’. We need to look at closing the borders, repatriation and increasing the native fertility rate at the same time. Viktor Orban has some good ideas regarding increasing the native fertility rate in Hungary, however I believe our biggest issue when it comes to the native fertility rate in Britain, is the overriding culture. We aren’t a traditional nation anymore. We need to be rejecting things like feminism, equality, and the high levels of hedonism/nihilism in society. It’s going to be a slow process to fix this.


12.) What is your stance on religion? Should we accept secularism as a part of the modern living, or should we try change the current course?

I think people should be free to practice whatever type of religion or spirituality they want to. If we focus on fixing our demographics by ethnicity, rather than religion, we’ll remove the majority of the ones we don’t want anyway. Religion is something I struggle with. I think some form of spirituality is necessary, but despite my best efforts, I can’t get on board.


13.) Britain is getting increasingly non-White in the next couple decades while your government is extremely hostile towards the White nationalist ideology. Is there any hope for the British nation?

Yes, of course there is! As long as there are Britons still fighting, there will always be hope for Britain.


14.)  Majority of the British Muslims supports the Labour, and most of the Jews are voting for Torys. Is there a single political party for the White British? What is your opinion on UKIP and Brexit party?

UKIP and the Brexit Party are not worth discussing. However, myself and Mark Collett have formed the Patriotic Alternative. This is the party for the indigenous people of these islands. We hope to be a political party in the near future, but in the meantime, we’re already a huge ‘in real life’ movement of thousands of people. We have regular conferences and activism days, and we meet regularly for camping trips and meals out, etc. The idea is that we’ll attempt the political route and go as far as we can, but if things don’t work out, we’ll always have a community of likeminded people to support one another.


15.) Tell us more about your activism! How did a fine lady like you became a Pro-White YouTube celebrity? Is it difficult to be publicly White nationalist in Britain? Has it affected your job opportunities?

I hate the whole “e-celeb” thing! This is why I don’t go on camera on YouTube. I want to do my part because I care about England, but I don’t want all the attention that comes with it. A lot of my work is actually anonymous! I think the reason I don’t like it, is because I’m a huge introvert. I feel smothered sometimes. But on the other hand, I recognise that I’m good optics for this movement. So I try to find the right balance between not giving too much of myself away, but also taking up opportunities which I think will help the cause. I started by writing at Defend Europa, and then decided that I’d have a go at making videos as you can reach a much larger audience on YouTube. Things just spiralled from there really. I formed relationships with other nationalists and we ended up creating our ‘in real life’ movement: Patriotic Alternative.

It’s not difficult being a nationalist in Britain. The majority of people here are nationalists. We surveyed the public as a piece of activism for Patriotic Alternative, and 7 out of 10 people said they think the British becoming a minority in Britain is a bad thing. Now we just need to convince them to start acting in their own interests. The project was called We Were Never Asked if you’d like to find out more.


16.) You have mentioned before that you are big fan of Kai Murros! Do you consider yourself as a revolutionary figure like Mr. Murros does?

No, haha. I’m just your average person. Kai Murros is incredible though.


17.)   Topic for the upcoming conference is “Nova Europe”, which refers to New European order after the collapse of the current individualist liberal democracy. Would you like to tell us something about your upcoming speech? What is your standpoint on this issue?

I’m afraid I haven’t written it yet! I still have three months. I have some ideas but nothing concrete yet.


18.) What is your opinion on Brexit and EU? Should Finland follow the same direction as Britain? Why Brexit has been such a painful operation so far?

It’s been a painful operation because those in power didn’t expect us to vote leave (probably because they never listen to us) and they also don’t want us to leave. I voted for us to leave the EU. I think collaboration between Europeans is necessary, but the EU is so rotten to the core, it’s needs metaphorically burning to the ground and we need something else in its place.


19.) Who is your greatest national idol?

Sir Mosley!


20.) Tell us three personal things about yourself that the public hardly knows!

When I was studying Politics at university, I also studied the Japanese language for three years.

My favourite band is Arctic Monkeys.

When I was a teenager, I was an Army Cadet for 6 years. When I turned 18, I went to join the Army, but because I have asthma and I need an inhaler, I wasn’t allowed to join.

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