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New Years Resolutions: How Are You Doing?


New Years Resolutions: How Are You Doing? Article by guest writer, Jane Davenport.


We started this new year on a positive note, with the Conservative party making a historic victory, Donald Trump all but guaranteed reelection with the current momentum of things, and populist parties forever rising in the polls throughout Europe, with increasingly better election results.

The New Year is a great time to renew our ‘vows’ as nationalists and set ourselves a goal of self-improvement. As we’re almost three weeks into 2020, now is a good time to assess any progress towards New Years resolutions that you’ve made, and see if you’re still on track.


Here are some resolutions I came up with for myself, which may help you too:

  • Learn a second language, the ins and outs of this are personal, however it will help us connect with like minded folk across the continent. The nationalist movements are doing well, however the more of us that become bi or poly lingual, will make us as one unbeatable force, and as we all know, even from an everyday prospective learning a second language is really good for your mind.
  • History. Learn the history of your home country, things to inspire people, when we proselytise the values of nationalism knowing history will help us. After all, how can you convince someone their heritage is worth preserving if they do not know it? The power of myth has always bonded us as people. We must all breathe life into the myths and history of the European people once more.
  • Learn about Islam. Dr. Bill Warner,does a great series and there are several YouTubers who also explain it, for those not fond of reading. The left make Islam sound like fluffy kittens. If our knowledge is strong and steadfast, we can renounce this ludicrous misinformation.
  • Learn some self defence. Political activism comes with dangers especially with groups like Antifa about. The ability to defend yourself may come in handy, and at the very least, help with some much needed stress busting.
  • Try understanding more about genetics and race. It will help you understand more, such as that when racial mixing reaches a certain tipping point social cohesion breaks down we are witnessing this in London right now. A good book about race is called The Bell Curve. It helps us to understand that each race needs a different culture to thrive. This diversity madness is killing the souls of everyone.
  • Try to convert at least 5 people close to you this year. This can take time, but pick 5 people, meditate on their personality and then develop a plan to present the message to them. We must strengthen our connections, and I feel the clock of European civilisation is ticking precariously close to midnight. So do your bit, no matter how small.

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