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A New Year’s Resolution


Each new year, people make a resolution based on current and often shallow fads that are doomed to fail.  The reason for failure is due to not being ready to change, not having a clear goal or feeling overwhelmed.  How can we improve if we are doomed to fail? A new decade is about to dawn that is full of uncertainties but also hope. A hope that we can reclaim our homelands and culture. A hope that we can improve our lives and that of the future generations. Therefore, we do not have a choice not to be ready, change is coming and if you want it to be a positive change we have to start with the individual.

Traditional home cooking is in decline and our health is suffering because of our industrial food system where everything comes in packets with a long list of ingredients. If we went back to eating a diet based on meat, fish, dairy and fruit and vegetables using traditional cooking methods we would improve our health.  Another major problem with our food is sugar. No other time in history has there ever been sugary snacks so readily available. Sugar is highly addictive, affects your mood, your digestion and circadian rhythms. By reducing your sugar intake and incorporating real food your health and well-being will improve. Of course, this takes time so I suggest small steps such as, slowly reducing the sugar in your coffee by half a teaspoon over a few days, stop eating your mid-morning sugary snack and learn some simple traditional recipes. Two of my favourite health recipes are bone broth and sauerkraut (recipes to follow in another article).

As you begin to incorporate real food and reduce sugar in your diet it would be a good idea to support your body with a few supplements. A high dose of vitamin C and D3 will help boost the immune system and support the detox process.

Another way to support your body mentally is through spiritual practice. Go to church or take up a sport or exercise. Exercise may not seem like a spiritual practice but how many times have you heard an athlete says they were ‘in the zone’. Other spiritual practices include getting out in nature, listening to music and singing. These are ways to reconnect with your soul and take time to self-reflect. Writing is also a powerful practice with journaling becoming very popular in recent years. Journaling gives you the freedom to write away your stressors, the mundane and negative aspects of your life, physically releasing what no longer serves you.

The idea of resolutions is not new, our ancestors would prepare for the coming year by praying to their gods for their past mistakes and resolving to do better in the future. The above ideas and that of our ancestors are about self-improvement which has a butterfly effect that ripples out and touches other people in unexpected ways.  This can only be a positive thing for our nationalist movement because if we are strong as individuals we will be stronger as a community.

As the dawn rises on 2020 I wish you all a happy, healthy new year.

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