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The War on Abortion

Abortion is healthcare

60 million abortions are estimated to have ever happened in the United States, 6,6 million abortions are estimated to take place every year in the developed world. Members of the EU in 2016 estimated to having a 199 procedures per 1000 live births ratio. All of this happens while we live in a time where European peoples are suffering from below replacement level birth rates. We as Europeans seem to have a unique demographic catastrophe at hand. Not only aren’t we having enough children, we are letting our people kill large numbers of the unborn. If total extinction is to be avoided, abortion should rank as the greatest among causes to make that happen. The right cannot afford to be divided on this topic as it reaches into nearly everything that truly matters to us.

“In America, the places prepared for the forty million unborn lost since Roe v. Wade have been filled by the grateful poor of Asia, Africa and Latin America. As Europeans forgo children, the places prepared for them, too, will be occupied by strangers”  Patrick Buchanan 

Why the War on Abortion Matters? Immigration
This quote of Patrick Buchanan says it all, abortion directly endangers our homeland.
In a capitalist society, one of the prime advocates for immigration is big business. Big business is in a constant need of cheap labor. They will lobby for high and low skilled migrants to feed the ever-growing economy. In a society where globalist capitalism is reigning supreme, it is of the utmost importance that you feed this system with more people, if you fail to do this. It will start to feed itself, with cheap labor from all over the world. If we do not tackle one of these problems, either the hyper-capitalism in our society or the killing of our children We will never stop the great replacement that is happening, simply because our fellow countrymen are making money while facilitating it.

Why the War on Abortion Matters? Culture
One of the most important reasons why abortion as an issue matters? The state of mind that it is accompanied by. While we can definitely argue about if it is inhumane to let a woman carry the child of a rapist, we have to get real about the most prevalent motive for abortion. Socioeconomic reasons are leading in this category. This means that most people abort babies for the sake of their career, the fact that the partner is out of sight or just for being a student. Abortion encourages a childish carefree mindset where people’s primary concern is pleasure, while being exempted from any consequences. The normalization of abortion within the west should be seen as a sign of institutional rot. It is perfectly legal in many western countries, and this tells us a great deal. On display is the mind state of a people who care more about themselves than about abstract concepts as nation or people.

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” Ronald Reagan

Why the War on Abortion Matters? The Division
In many western nations, abortion is a divisive issue on the right. There are voices on our side who see in abortion a useful tool to get rid of the nations weak & handicapped. An argument on cost benefits basis can be made for this position. However, fact of the matter is that abortions for these reasons constitute a minority of the total abortions done. Socioeconomic reasons are the main drivers of abortion, not the health of the child. The same goes for the health of the mother. A very small minority of the abortions are being done with the health of the mother as the primary reason. Yet, some have the audacity to call abortion a women’s healthcare issue. They use this to drive a wedge between men and women and it is working quite well for them.

Other voices claim that in most western countries, it is the ethnic minorities who are represented disproportionately in abortion statistics. They call out people who are pro-life for accelerating the great replacement. While there is some merit to this argument, we should not accept the logic of there being a need to legally kill our own children so minorities in our lands can kill theirs. Them being here and European children being killed are two separate issues that cannot be solved by sacrificing our own. At best, abortion is a band-aid they use to temporarily cover up the deep bleeding wound that we call multiculturalism. It does not solve the problem, it just is a cover-up. 

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