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Corporatism , The Only Alternative to Democracy


The problems we as Europeans currently face, mass migration, radical capitalism and rampant degeneracy, they seem to be unsolvable by a democratic system. While true nationalists and patriots are being censored and persecuted, those who subvert us use the system against us. They ensure the people will never be heard on topics like mass migration. The freedom to vote is only there when we cannot really vote in our own interests. While many on the right still think we can obtain our goals within a democratic system, I personally am too disillusioned by reality to share that hope.  However, the question looms; ‘with what will we replace democracy?’. To this question I have the answer, Corporatism is the only system that works for the Europeans.

 “  Corporatism is a political ideology which advocates the organization of society by corporate groups, such as agricultural, labor, military, scientific, or guild associations on the basis of their common interests The term is derived from the Latin corpus, or “human body”. The hypothesis that society will reach a peak of harmonious functioning when each of its divisions efficiently performs its designated function, such as a body’s organs individually contributing its general health and functionality, lies at the center of corporatist theory”

What is Corporatism?
While the quote above explains it quite well, it is good to take a moment and reflect on what this means for our societies. In our European democracies individualism is key. Each individual votes according to its own desires, interests and wants. People form groups not on the basis of their country’s best interest, but on their own individual interests (identity politics) which they try to force on to the country. It is a sort of organized anarchy where harmony is impossible per definition.

The Corporatist vision strives for harmony. A nation should not be made up of individuals playing for themselves, but as players who all play for the team and each have their own specific role within this team. Concepts like ‘what’s bad for the beehive cannot be good for the bee’ or ‘the body does not live for the individual organs, the organs are there to serve the body’ are key mind states within Corporatism.

Corporatism offers us a break from a system that encourages selfishness, egoism and disharmony.

How will the people be heard?
Being against democracy and promoting organization of society by corporate groups all sounds like good fun, but you may ask how this system will encourage the leadership to listen to every single individual citizen and their concerns? The simple question is that it will absolutely not. Not every drunk, criminal, bum, idiot, insane, stupid or ignorant individual has a right to make his case on every topic. Some should probably not be granted any rights to weigh in at all. This is simply put, not good for the greater group or nation. The fact is that not all people are equal or should be treated as such.

However, this does not mean they should be without rights or protection, on the contrary, it is an argument that provides a duty to grant them.  Basic rights are not the be touched because one is too stupid to be heard.
Additionally, a Corporatist country should enshrine the rights and representation of unions, professional associations and other common interests groups. Named groups would for instance have a right to government information, representation in parliament and occasionally veto abilities.

In a Corporatist society, light forms of democracy could even be tolerated. We could kill general parliamentary democracy, but create possibilities for referendums or municipal elections. On local issues, communities are often more harmonious and have less conflicting issues than a nation would have. It does not obstruct harmony but would even advance it.

How does it help us with our Problems?
Talking about rights, representation and selfishness is very interesting, we do however have problems that need addressing. How will Corporatism help us? Our current ‘democratic’ leadership hasn’t really asked or listened to us on radical capitalism, mass migration or rampant degeneracy. They play us off against each other to create slow but steadily growing societal problems. In a Corporatist society, they cannot play us off against each other since this is impossible. The influence of things like idiocy, foreign money and only short term self-interest will be greatly diminished.

We as Nationalists/Conservatives/Reactionaries have a tendency to be very critical without openly presenting a lot of bold ideas. While my brief explanation of Corporatism does not serve it justice, I am confident that expressing bold ideas like cancelling democracy and promoting alternatives is the right thing to do. Although paradise on earth will probably not be established by us embracing to Corporatism, I believe making our societies better and more harmonious is good enough

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