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THEUSZ : fighting the culture war with good music

THEUSZ is an artistic, countercultural and international collective founded in French Flanders in 2015. Confronted from its creation with the politically correct and the norms in force in the classical cultural environment, the members decided to withdraw on the internet to produce and promote. Initially, a bit chaotic, the collective has been chaired by Rémi Deflandre since 2016. “Our main objective is to participate in the recovery of the cultural terrain, for too long left behind by identities and abandoned to the left. The collective mainly produces music: Industrial martial, neoclassical, dark ambient, electronic and it is more recently oriented to synth/ retrowave music. Known to a lesser extent for its visual productions, the collective has produced 5 albums, 4 in digital version and the latest in physical version published by the German label Skullline”

The productions of THEUSZ want to be free of any extra-European influence, postulate of departure of the members of the collective. Our work is based on collaboration, almost one in two music is the result. More than thirty artists participated in our productions. Uniting politically incorrect artists under the banner of a new countercultural movement is our goal.

“We recently worked with the Polish collective Resistance Art and the Eurasian artist association in a purely cultural context. Our doors are open to free and creative men.”

The collective are mainly centered around industrial and electronic music, a less and less niche musical genre in Europe and the US

You can find Theusz productions on Bitchute, BandCamp and Facebook:

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